Four Cute and Easy Braided Hairstyles

Are you sick of a plain old ponytail? Do you want to spice up your hair game but still make it easy? Here are four easy, braided hairstyles that you can do on any type of hair. All you need to know for these hairstyles is how to braid, and I am going to teach you right now. 


A simple braid on Sophia Gemignani. Photo by Molly Ryan.

This simple braid is in my top 10 overall hairstyles. It’s perfect when you want to have a cute hairstyle to style by itself, or even with a hat. This is especially my favorite when my hair is wet because it keeps the waves in my hair, but keeps it tame as well. Before doing each style, make sure your hair is completely detangled in order to avoid knots while braiding. 

What you will need: Hair tie(s)/elastic(s), hairbrush 

How to:

Step one: Divide your hair into three separate sections. Do your best to make sure the sections have equal amounts of hair. Hold the section on the right in your right hand and the section on the left in your left hand, and leave the middle one hanging down your neck. 

Step two: Let’s begin braiding. Cross the right strand over and into the middle. Next, cross the left strand over and into the middle. Repeat crossing left and right strands over the middle, all the way down until you reach the end of your hair. 

Step three: Tie the braid together at the end of your hair with a hair tie or an elastic band, whatever you prefer. 

You can even do this in a pigtail style. For that, all you need to do is section your hair into two sections and then repeat the same steps.


A French braid on Sophia Gemignani. Photo by Molly Ryan.

Now that you’ve got the basics of a normal braid down, let’s try a French braid. A French braid is a beautiful and classic hairstyle, and it’s a lot easier to do than most people think. 

What you will need: Hair tie(s)/elastic(s), hairbrush 

How to: 

Step one: Start by sectioning off a decent amount off of the top of your head, about 3-4 inches wide. Then, separate the section into three mini-sections. 

Step two: Begin braiding the sections like a normal braid. If you want a tighter braid make sure you braid tighter by pulling the strand together more. If you want a looser braid, don’t pull the pieces together as tight. 

Step three: This is a French braid and not a regular braid because when you start to braid, you need to add more hair from your head into the right and left pieces. This will create a beautiful pattern with your hair.

Step four: Repeat the same steps from step three all the way down your hair until you can tie it together with a hair tie or elastic. 

Like the normal braid, you can do two French braids if you please. Repeat the same steps but in two big sections of your hair. 


A bubble braid on Sophia Gemignani. Photo by Molly Ryan.

A bubble braid is not a typical braid. You actually don’t have to do any braids at all. A bubble braid consists of bunches of hair made into “bubbles” tied together by elastics. You can do one, two, three or however many bubble braids you want. You can also do mini ones by not using all of your hair.

What you will need: Elastics, a hairbrush, and hair gel/spray is recommended.

How to:

Step one: Make a ponytail consisting of all of your hair if you are just doing one bubble braid.  

Step two: If possible, add hair spray or gel to the ponytail to keep it tame. This step is optional. 

Step three: Start adding your elastics. Add one elastic 1-2 inches down from the original ponytail. Keep adding in elastics all the way down your hair at equal distances. Depending on the length of your hair, you may need more elastics. Pictured above is medium-length hair, so I used three elastics. 

Step four: Create the bubbles. To make the bubbles, slightly loosen the hair in between each elastic to create the bubble effect. Don’t loosen it too much, or else the hair will fall out in between the elastics. Pictured above is hair that has layers so there are some pieces sticking out, but that can easily be fixed with gel. 


Accent braids on Sophia Gemignani. Photo by Molly Ryan.

Accent braids are a fun way to liven up your hair when it is down. Now that you know how to braid, this is one of the easiest styles you can do. This can be done on non-styled hair or styled hair. You can also do as many accent braids as you want. 

What you will need: Elastics, hairbrush 

How to: 

Step one: Start making a small section on one side of your hair. Make sure the section you take is enough to make a small braid. This section can be on the front of your hair or even 2-3 inches back. It’s all up to you. 

Step two: Braid the section all the way or down or even halfway if you prefer. Just like we did with the bubble braids, you can loosen sections of the braid to give it more of a bubbly effect. 

Step three: Add some fun and colorful clips or other accessories to your hair. This step is optional, but it will definitely spice up your hair even more. 

Step four: Repeat on the other side of your hair. This step is also optional. 

There you have it, some cute and easy ways to braid your hair. Next time you are looking for a braided hairstyle that is not time-consuming, take a look at these. The best part of these is that you can do it on any type of hair.

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