APN’s Dream Spring Break

Nickie Hayes


A picturesque view. Photo by Ryan Spencer on Unsplash.

The ultimate spring break for me includes being able to actually take the full week off of school work. I always end up checking emails and doing assignments, forgetting to take time to unwind. Yet, what would really make it a dream spring break would be a trip to somewhere warm. The winters can be quite brutal, so being able to bask in the sun and get some vitamin D would be quite refreshing. Maybe in a place like the Canary Islands of Spain or the island of Santorini in Greece, I could seemingly forget about all the tasks that still need to be done during the rest of the term and just be present in the moment. That would be the dream. 

Natalie St. Denis

Deputy Editor

A photo of Väderöarna, Sweden. Photo by Ferhat Deniz Fors on Unsplash.

My dream spring break would be a balance of relaxation and being on the go. Spring break arrives at a much needed time in the semester. Exhaustion from midterms and other time-consuming assignments make it clear that the semester is officially in full swing. So, naturally, the first item on my to-do list would be to take a long nap, preferably while on a plane to a warmer place. Depending on how truly burnt out I feel, I’d like to visit somewhere new, like Sweden or Switzerland. But if the semester has me particularly tired, traveling somewhere I’ve been before would provide some comfort and familiarity, but still allow for new adventures, like California or Boston. I can find enjoyment anywhere I go and traveling may not sound like resting to someone else, but I feel it helps me clear my head and physically take a break, removing myself from the stress that awaits me when the break ends.

Munya Chimanye


Pictured is one of the rides at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Photo by Renato Mitra on Unsplash.

A dream spring break is a hard concept to capture in words but in the Spring of 2020, I almost enjoyed the dream.

Just a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world in March 2020, a group of friends and I convened on a Whatsapp call to plan a potential meet-up, halfway around the world from where we come from, that being Zimbabwe. We took to planning meticulously. Spring break in the movies is always enjoyed in Miami, so we booked a shared hotel room on Ocean Drive. Plans were made to go dancing to Cuban music, clubbing in Downtown Miami and some sizzling at the beach.

My friends Samuel, an athlete running in Pennsylvania, and Matthew, a hospitality student completing work experience at Disneyland in Orlando, booked their tickets first and flew into Miami the week prior to my spring break. Unfortunately, just a few days later, flights were being shut down around the country and I knew I would likely be able to get down to Miami, but I would have no way of returning to New York. This experience was the closest I ever got to my dream spring break. 

Jess Landman

Staff Writer

One of the northern beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. Photo by Luke McKeown on Unsplash.

My dream spring break would be in Hawaii. I have always been fascinated by the landscape, from the lush green mountains to the beautiful blue waters. Every year I think about what it would be like to spend a week away from the bitter wind of New York to soak up the sun in someplace warm. The most I look for from my spring break is the chance to take a breather and really relax from the everyday stresses of life. Getting to escape to a picturesque place like Hawaii would be the perfect vacation, despite the long journey to the pacific region.

Ziaire Ferrell

Staff Writer

A picture of Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Photo by Caspar Rae on Unsplash.

As a college student, I am finally old enough to travel by myself. and what a better time to travel than spring break. My dream spring break would consist of me traveling with my friends to an island: preferably somewhere like Exuma or Jamaica, where we can bury our toes in the sand and lay around all day. On this vacation I would like to do activities such as swimming with the turtles, snorkeling and jet skiing. I could picture it now, me and my friends staying up all night partying with the people on the beach until we can’t anymore. We’d eat all the new fruits and foods that we could get our hands on. This would be the vacation of all vacations and go down in history as the best spring break ever. 

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