The Era’s Tour: What to Wear Based on Your Favorite Album

A fan holding their hands into a heart shape at a concert. Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash.

Taylor Swift just kicked off her new tour called The Eras Tour. March 17, 2023 marked the beginning of the nearly five month run of shows that will come to a close on August 9, 2023. 

This is the sixth tour Swift has gone on, her last one being in 2018 for her sixth studio album, “Reputation.” Since then she has released four albums: Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and her newest, Midnights. 

On Swift’s tour, she will be performing songs from each album. Swift chose the name The Eras Tour because each album has an era of it’

But with so many options, the real question is: What do I wear to the concert? Here are ten outfit ideas based on your favorite album by Taylor Swift. 

Lisa Cimino and Erin Gelsomino are freshman at SUNY Plattsburgh. Both of them are attending Swift’s concert in Foxborough, Massachusetts, May 19. They are going for a more casual look for their concert attire. Cimino plans on wearing a pink top paired with Converse and light-washed mom jeans. 

Similar to Cimino, Gelsomino is going to wear a white tank top with a sheer light pink tie top. For her bottoms, she plans on pairing either a pastel blue skirt or mom jeans with white Vans. 

This pair of best friends are most looking forward to hearing “Enchanted” and “All Too Well (10 minute version).” 


1. “Taylor Swift” (Debut Album)

“Taylor Swift” (Debut) was Swift’s first album. This is her country album which contains a lot of guitar acoustics. During this album era, Swift had her big blonde curls and wore lots of boho sundresses, always paired with cowboy boots. If this is your favorite album, I recommend you channel your inner cowboy or cowgirl to create your outfit. 

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

2. “Fearless”/ “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”

Swift’s second album is country-pop. This album contains songs about teenage life, heartbreak, relationships and love. During this era, Swift still had big blonde curls, and wore a lot of gold and sparkles. I like to think of this outfit’s inspiration as her debut album but more sparkly. 

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

3. “Speak Now”

This is Swift’s third studio album is one of my favorites. This album’s aesthetic is full of beautiful purple colors. This album still has the vibes of a country album, but is more modern. I recommend wearing purple colors and a pair of your favorite boots. 

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

4. “Red”

“Red” is Taylor’s fourth studio album. As the name of the album, of course, you can picture that you should wear the color red, and lots of it. Pair your outfit with some red lipstick and your favorite pair of black boots. 

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

5. “1989”

“1989” was the year Taylor Swift was born. This is her fifth album, and I would describe it as an album with many pastels and beige . If this is your favorite album, you should pair your favorite white boots with a pastel top. 

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

6. “Reputation”

“Reputation” is all about revenge. This album came out shortly after the feud between Swift and Kim Kardashian. This album is dark and powerful so I recommend wearing dark clothes to represent “Reputation.”

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

7. “Lover”

“Lover” is full of love. This album is Swift’s seventh album and is packed with rainbows, bright colors, cats, and everything Swift loves. This album is about Swift’s love life and her seven year relationship with actor Joe Alwyn. 

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

8. “Folklore”

“Folklore” is her eighth album, and it could be described as cottage core. “Cardigan” is the name of one of her most popular songs on the album, so if you wear a cardigan you’re all set for “Folklore.” 

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

9. “Evermore”

“Evermore” is her ninth album and has a similar vibe to her previous album, “Folklore.” “Evermore”  also depicts a cottage core vibe, but has more brown tones. 

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

10. “Midnights”

Collage made by Molly Ryan via PicsArt.

“Midnights” is Taylor Swift’s latest and tenth album. This is a collection of songs Swift wrote in the middle of the night. It is packed with dark blue and purple tones, stars and sparkles.

Take these outfit recommendations into consideration when choosing your outfit for The Eras Tour, and you’ll never go out of style.

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