An Affordable Spring

Succeeding winter and preceding summer, spring occurs from March 20 to June 2, 2023, in the Northern Hemisphere. The snow is melting in colder areas, and the fruits are beginning to bloom in the warmer climates.

Spring offers countless romantic, easygoing and amusing ways to take advantage of the season’s warmer weather and longer nights. 

Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or something more indoors, here’s a list of affordable ideas to get you inspired and ready for dates in season.

Wine but no dine 

Photo from the wine region of the Okanagen Valley in Canada. Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash.

Though going to a winery is always a good idea any time of the year, it is most satisfying when you can get away with watching the sunset alongside a glass of wine and good conversation.

You can head out to a local winery or locate one nearby with both beautiful grounds and views. Through trying different seasonal wines, not only can you learn about the specific cultivars of grapes that are used to make the wine, but you can also go home with a bottle of your favorite wine as a souvenir, or three.

This is the ideal romantic evening of wine tasting, and the perfect time to wear one of the dresses that has been dying to escape your spring capsule wardrobe!

There’s no test at the end of the tasting.

Farmer and Farmerette

An outdoor vegetable market in Aix-en-Provence, France. Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash.

Visiting a farmers’ market consists of farmers coming together to sell products directly to consumers. This may include fish, meat, dairy products, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. 

For the foodie couples, you’ll be able to discover a few items that you’ve never had before. With this, the vendors offer their advice as to how to best prepare your items, and you’re allowed to meet the farmers themselves that grew your food. 

Farmers tend to answer questions with the fewest possible adjectives that distinguish their speaking from the norm. You might even find yourself picking up the dialect as you take your fresh farmers’ market finds home and create your own farm-to-table dinner.

A two-in-one date!

Snarls and roars

An aquarium in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by Sladjana Karvounis on Unsplash.

Zoos and aquariums offer discounted admission prices and special events during the spring season. 

As animals hate the heat just as much as humans do, a series of factors are canceled out. You won’t have to worry about many of the animals staying inside or sleeping under darkness to beat the heat. 

Zoo restaurants are tasty but expensive. Some pre-made sandwiches, potato chips, fresh fruit and some form of dessert will make for a filling and romantic meal. 

You can find a canopy or a pavilion table and enjoy the picnic that you packed for lunch. Most of your time at the zoo will be spent walking through exhibits of animals from all over the world indicating this will be a stress-free chance to talk about the park, each other or anything in general. 

If you run out of things to talk about you can always fall back on the animals for silly discussion starters.

A small gift is the perfect way to end a date, especially if there’s a souvenir shop. You can go to the gift shop together and buy a trinket or stuffed animal that your partner has shown interest in. 

Whether you end up gazing at gazelles or joshing with jellyfish, the zoo or aquarium is a lengthy yet great date idea for the spring season.

Break a leg?

The PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo by Joshua Peacock on Unsplash.

Sports can usually be played year-round in most cases. Conversely, hockey is designed to be played during the winter, football during the fall, water sports during the summer and baseball during the spring.

Attending a baseball game is easygoing, yet full of energy. If you don’t care to watch the game itself, drinks and ballpark food are always available, whether that’s the specialty, a foot-long hot dog or a bag of peanuts. (Throw the shells on the floor, it’s tradition.)

You may also explore the stadium and of course, catch a couple of innings. The stadium has an array of screens that are designed to keep you in touch with the latest statistics of the players and even offer audience participation.

Regardless, you’re bound to have fun with your companion. You’ll end up feeling sorry for those poor folks who are watching the game on their cellular device.

Off the chain 

A photo of a tandem bike. Photo by Lucky Airlangga on Unsplash.

No amount of dust can stop you from pulling out your bike and venturing out onto a trail or taking a casual evening stroll around the neighborhood. You can bike ride on a boardwalk or take a more adventurous route by going mountain biking. 

In other words, this spring-friendly date idea can be adjusted to any personality type and wherever your destination is, the romantic essence will remain. 

The flexibility continues as you can simply stop to grab something or overlook a view beyond two people bike riding hand in hand.

A classic date idea such as this one is perfect for those who want to get outdoors and be active. You can keep it romantic with a tandem bike ride and you won’t be a sweaty mess doing it.

It’s truckin’ good food

A photo of a food truck. Photo by Joana Godinho on Unsplash.

As opposed to a sit-down meal, the modern twist on the classic dinner and a movie date — meals on wheels. 

Food trucks are a little more casual as you discover tasty and trendy snacks around town, but will give you more time together than a coffee date would. The fun part is that sometimes, you never know where they will be.

This is a great way to try new foods with your companion as you learn each other’s tastes. Also, you can explore a city’s culinary scenery along the way; good grub and good company. 

Dating in the spring is as though you’re a brand new person. You’re either excited to revamp a relationship or renounce your single era. 

As you still have some time left to make this spring a memorable one, enjoy all that the season has to offer with those that are important to you or hope to be. 

There you have it — your affordable spring bucket list!

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