APN’s favorite flowers

Munya chimanye


Flames lilies are beautiful but deadly. Photo by Gregory Keet.

It only dawned on me at some point within the past, that I had indeed inherited my mother’s green thumb. My time in the garden is mostly spent manicuring herbs and tending to vegetables in the hopes that when I pluck them from the ground, they might be healthy and hearty. Although I mainly garden for nourishment, I might take to a passion project or two: for the sake of beauty. Many flowers are beautiful, but in my experience, none quite just as beautiful as the flame lily. This lily is a sight to behold. The petals on the flame lily look alive, with its bold red color contrasting with its green tendrils and yellow outer film. It looks like fire you might be able to hold in your hands; however, you cannot. The flame lily is poisonous, teaching a valuable lesson of nature. Some beautiful things are meant to be appreciated at a distance.

jess Landman

staff writer

Daisies do indeed come in many colors. Photo from Unsplash.

I love daisies. I don’t know exactly when I decided that they were the best flowers, but it has been quite some time. I like how pristine the most common daisies, white daisies, look. Although another aspect that makes this flower my favorite is the fact that it can come in almost any color as well. My favorite part about this flower, however, is the bright yellow center that stands out when it’s in a field with other flowers. This flower reminds me of summer, the yellow center being the sun and the white petals act like clouds.

Molly ryan

Staff writer

Irises can grow well in a wide array of environments. Photo from Flavia Bon on Unsplash.

In my eyes, every flower is beautiful, no matter the shape, size or color. If I had to pick one to be my favorite, it would be irises. Irises come in all colors of the rainbow, but my favorite specifically are the ones that are a gorgeous, dark purple color. At my elementary school, there were irises planted behind the playground. In my third grade class, we would help water the irises with my teacher, who was in charge of the garden at the school. These flowers have such a nostalgic smell and feel to them: they remind me of my childhood, which was stress free. Iris is often depicted in Greek mythology as a rainbow. Rainbows represent inclusivity and diversity, an all-embracing image of love and friendship, therefore irises are my favorite flower by far.

Kiara Mapp

staff writer

Sunflower’s follow the sun as it goes through the sky so that the seeds are constantly nourished. Photo from Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

The sun worshippers, or sunflowers, are by far my favorite flower out of any bouquet. As sunflowers follow the movement of the sun across the sky, I feel as though they signify the dedicated love and vitality that I absorb daily. Sunflowers have the ability to bring energy, even through a glass vase, in the form of nourishment and vibrancy. Though sunflowers bloom annually during summer and into autumn, when they do bloom, it’s a sight to behold. A sunflower’s beauty can keep insects away from harming the rest of the garden, giving other plants a chance to thrive as well. All in all, sunflowers are the perfect gift to bring joy to either someone’s day or as a treat for yourself. Considering sunflowers have such a wide range of uses and are the perfect color, I am just another bee who is attracted to them.

Olivia davis

Staff writer

Buttercups have robust roots and can grow almost anywhere. Photo from Rachel on Unsplash.

While it’s difficult to pick just one, my favorite flower would have to be buttercups, specifically the frog’s foot variety. While they are an incredibly invasive species that’s usually considered a weed, it is really pleasant seeing the small golden flowers pop up this time of year. Growing up in the middle of New York City’s Cemetery Belt near a swampy park, buttercups would oftentimes be the only flowers that could grow in the green spaces around me. They are an unmistakable and clear message that spring has come and summer is soon to follow, their small yellow petals making them look like droplets that fell from the sun.

ziaire ferrell

staff writer

Technology has come to the stage that roses of any color can be synthesized. Photo by Max Berger on Unsplash.

I’m not a flower kind of girl; I never spent much time looking at them. If I had to choose one it would be a rose, preferably a pink one. I think that roses have this sophisticated aura about them and I love the color pink, so it works out. When I think about roses I think about someone trying to show their love and gratitude for someone else, and I would love for someone to think of me that way. Pink roses are also very pleasing to the eye and they can easily be found in large numbers.

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