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Trending with Pale Blue and Pink

How many times do you wake up in the morning and shed a tear out of frustration because you’re convinced that you don’t have any clothes to wear? I understand. Don’t freak out just yet; I have some advice that could make your mornings a little less dreadful, and a bit trendier.

Pale pink and pale blue, more specifically, rose quartz–a rose tone — and serenity — a cooler, tranquil blue — are the colors for this upcoming spring season that you should be looking for in that closet of yours.

And if your closest is lacking the colors of pink and blue, it’s not too late to go out and pick up items from clothing to accessories. A light scarf, a cardigan, some flats or a little bag can take a boring outfit into an everyday trend.

The light colors bring a calm and relaxing surface to the spring atmosphere. You can mix and match the pink or blue with a mint or darker green, white or even a gray.

Check out the most popular models on magazine covers and runways to see the trend for yourself. Gigi Hadid wears a pale pink jacket with an accented beaded-pearl heavy necklace on the cover of VOGUE Paris magazine’s March issue, showcasing just a glimpse of the growing trend spotted in the fashion industry.After following magazines on social media like GQ and VOGUE, as well as celebrities Instagram accounts, I can’t help but notice pastel pink and blue blowing up my feed.

The colors give a relaxing and soft feel to any outfit. With the flowers blooming and the weather warming, pale pink and pale blue bring a perfect color match to the season.

The best part about these colors is that they can be worn for any occasion. Whether it’s for the holidays, brunch or a job interview, pale pink or pale blue can be worn for a casual or formal event. The next time you’re staring into your closet frustrated, you’ll have that pale pink or pale blue go-to item for an effortless pulled together look.

They are go-to colors if you’re ever questioning what will give off the best impression of yourself. So give them a try and you may find out you have new favorite colors to keep in your wardrobe.

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