5 Easy Home Exercises to Start Your Summer Strong

It’s too cold to go to the gym and do anything really other than stay wrapped up in your blanket watching Netflix, while eating a full bag of Flavor-Blasted Goldfish. But believe it or not, summer is right around the corner, and it’s going to hit you faster than you think. It’s OK to start slowly. Invest some time in between binge watching by trying these five exercises that can be done right in your bedroom.

Photo by: Emily Kim
  • Alternating Lunges

Have a sturdy chair? Well instead of doing the standard lunges, challenge your quads and perk up your booty a little more by placing your back foot onto the chair. This will also help your balance by creating a height difference compared to the original floor lunges, where both feet are on the ground.

Photo by: Emily Kim
  • Plank Jacks

If you know what a plank is, you know that it can get a little boring. To spice it up, plank while doing the jumping-jacks motion with only the lower part of your body. This is a great core exercise to get your stomach tighter and stronger.

knee tuck
Photo by: Emily Kim
  • Elevated Knee Tucks

Let’s go back to that sturdy chair of yours. Determine the height of the chair you will use based on your height and how difficult you want to make the exercise. Usually, the higher the chair, the more difficult the exercise will feel. Elevated knee tucks are a great way to strengthen your arms and stomach in addition to helping with balance. In a plank like position, put both feet on the chair while holding yourself up with your arms extended to the ground. Tuck in one leg at a time to your chest and then alternate. You’ll feel the definitions of your stomach and the soreness in your arms the next morning.

Photo by: Emily Kim
Photo by: Emily Kim
  • Floor Tricep Dips

Let’s tone those triceps of yours by using your own body weight. Put your palms on the ground and your fingers facing toward you. Your feet should be planted on to the floor with your knees bent. In this position, push up through your arms while lifting your hips and extending your elbows. So buy those tanks tops because your triceps are going to want to be shown off.

Photo by: Emily Kim
  • Burpees/ Squat Thrust

Add some cardio to your home workout without having to go on a run. Burpees will get your heart rate going as your jumping up and down while working on your glutes and abs. Jump up with your arms extended over your head and your legs straight, and then, when you come down, go into a low squatting position. With your hands on the ground and your arms extended, extend your legs from chest to a plank position. Bring your legs back into your chest and then jump right back up again to the beginning pose. Start off slow, but three sets of 10 burpees/squat thrusts is a good full body workout that will get you ready for the beach.

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