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How to Make Rose and Citrus Oolong Tea

There are dozens of ways to make your own tea, some as simple as drying peppermint leaves and steeping them, and others that require weeks or months of preparation. To make a rose and citrus oolong, it’s somewhere in the middle. You’ll need:

  • Sinesis sinesis or Camilla sinesis (the tea plant)
  • Rose petals
  • Orange peels

Keep in mind the most important part of the oolong is how the tea plant is left to dry.

  1. Set out in the sun for a few hours until the leaves and buds have wilted, then baked in the oven at 250 degrees for 20 minutes will give your tea nice flavor.
  2. Peel your oranges, enjoying the snack on the inside, and bake them at 100 degrees for 30 minutes, or until hard.
  3. Leave your rose petals spread out for a couple days, half in sun half in shade, until they’re hard, but be careful. They are also very fragile now.
  4. Mix all of your ingredients together and separate into bags. The ratio can be adjusted to preference, but this blend is 2 parts sinesis, one part rose petal, one part orange peel.


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