Ten Instagram Accounts to Help Reinvent your Wardrobe

By Keely Breen

A peek in your seemingly stocked wardrobe leads you to feel uninspired and bored with your current fashionista status. We have all been there; there’s no denying it. But before you cut your losses, pack up, and head straight to the mall, why not check out some of these fashion inspiration accounts on Instagram? They will make you see your clothes in a totally different light, and will hopefully stop you from making some cost worthy and spur-of-the-moment decisions!

1. @hairsandstyles

Photo from instagram.com/hairsandstyles

This Instagram account is the MVP when it comes to everything that’s in style. They showcase the best outfits and hairstyles from multiple trendy style accounts, and compile them into one. Everything from impeccable hairstyles to to die for #OOTD’s (Outfit of the Days)- this account has it all!

2. @lalalisaaaa

Photo from instagram.com/lalalisaaaa

This feed is filled with fashion inspo for days! Pairing together the best pieces for effortless everyday style is what this account is all about. Lalalissssa’s fashion is eye-catching and easy to imitate with your own clothes.


Photo from instagram.com/tess_and_sarah

Two is better than one! Tess and Sarah’s Instagram showcases all the best fashion and photography from a beautiful dynamic duo. I personally follow this account. I enjoy seeing these two pair pieces together that I never would have thought of. Their feed is so refreshing, and you won’t regret hitting that follow button!

4. @kimmystylexo

Photo from instagram.com/kimmystylexo

Preppy and chic equals Kimmy’s Instagram. This is a great account to follow if you are in love with everything girly, pink and elegant! As an added bonus, almost all of Kimmy’s fashion pieces can be found at big name stores like Hollister, Forever 21, H&M, etc. Chances are you have a few similar items sitting in your closet.

5. @styleaddict

Photo from instagram.com/styleaddict

Talk about aesthetically pleasing … this account is Instagram goals! Style Addict not only posts amazing outfits, but also showcases jaw-dropping photography and awe-inspiring jewelry, thus, giving followers their daily dose of fashion encouragement.

6. @malinmellowno

Photo from instagram.com/malinmellowno

This 27-year-old beauty from Norway has it all! Her style is the definition of flawless, and gives off major ice princess vibes. This account is perfect to follow for the impending wintertime because Malin basically lives in sweaters and scarves!

7. @thedarlingdetail

Photo from instagram.com/thedarlingdetail

Her outfits always seem to be classy and extravagant but at the same time also totally effortless. This account is a real go-to if you are seeking creative help to spice up the basic pieces in your closet and recreate outfits!

8. @heyitsannabanana

Photo from instagram.com/heyitsannabanana

When you have an eye for mixing and matching crazy patterns, it’s hard to say you don’t have a superpower! This mom of two loves to play around with abstract textures, colors and prints for endless possibilities. You are likely to have at least one similar clothing item. She shows you a thousand and one ways of wearing and rocking it!

9. @freespiritedstyle

Photo from instagram.com/freespiritedstyle

Don’t we all just want to be like The Bohemian Princess, Vanessa Hudgens? I know I do! Although the boho style is a tricky one to pull off because of its varying extremities (hello flower crown and fringe), this account is practically your saviour for all things boho.


Photo from instagram.com/vanessacesario_

Black and white is back! Vanessa Cesario’s Insta shows us that color in an outfit is not mandatory. She embodies the edgy urban street style, and gives off a strong sense of freshness whilst still being elegant (take notes ladies). B&W never goes out of season, and this account pushes that motto to the max!

As you can see, the possibilities for fashion are endless! You don’t always need new clothes to create a jaw-dropping outfit. All of these accounts can help you on your way towards fierce and fabulous!

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