Active Winter Fun!

Activities to keep you going even in the coldest of months. 

Welcome to winter! With our activity vibes shifting from fun-in-the-sun to “run inside quick before you freeze,” it gets hard to stay active and fit when you don’t t want to leave your cozy couch cocoon. No judgement here! Here are a few ways to help you stay in shape while still having a blast in winter.


1. Snowshoeing

This is easy to learn,  presents little threat of injury, and is a fun way to exert energy in the cold winter months. What more could you want? Snowshoeing is a sport with a more relaxed style that offers amazing scenery. This activity is perfect for gathering large groups of people who are involved in more than just a late night showing of the newest Game of Thrones episode!

2. Ice Skating

This aerobic exercise exuberates style and grace whilst still providing participants with a great workout. You don’t need to be doing triple axels to break a sweat. Simply just skating around the ice can get your blood pumping! Fun and fitness go hand in hand, and ice skating is a great example of that notion.

3. Indoor Sports

Chances are, in the cold and frigid months, no one is going to be too enthusiastic about playing a competitive game of soccer outside with you. Although it might be heartbreaking at first, do not give up on your dreams because more than likely, your local gym or YMCA hosts indoor recreational or competitive sports teams. Getting involved in different indoor sports is one of the best ways to stay healthy and happy in the blustery winter months.

4. Skiing/ Snowboarding

Perseverance is key when first deciding to pick up a pair of skis or a snowboard and go out for a spin! Getting involved in downhill skiing/ snowboarding is such an exciting endeavor and one that will surely give you the thrill and workout you need to keep in shape. Jake Sheets, a snowboarding coach at Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua, N.Y., claims that although challenging at first, “snowboarding is probably the most enjoyable thing I have ever done. It gets me in tune with my surroundings and my body. Snowboarding makes me feel really free and childishly happy. I recommend snowboarding to people because it is a beautifully peaceful and relaxing time out there — some call it art!”

5. Sledding

All right, now I know what you are thinking — “Sledding is for children.” But wait just a second. Open your mind up to all the possibilities that sledding has to offer. For one thing, it’s a total blast! If that’s not convincing enough, just think about how many calories you’ll burn walking up the giant hill just to slide down once again. Sarah Gleim even wrote in an article for CNN, “sledding is a fun winter activity that also doubles as exercise.”

6. Cross-Country Skiing

Like snowshoeing and downhill skiing combined, cross-country skiing is an intensive aerobic activity perfectly suited for the snow-covered days that winter has to offer. You get the picturesque scenes, along with the adrenaline of trekking through the woods as quickly as humanly possible. Cross-country skiing gives you a full-body workout that is a must-have in the rough winter months.

7. Ice Climbing

This activity is more for the advanced outdoors person. Ice climbing can help build and strengthen muscles for a great overall full-body workout. Only attempt this activity in the winter, however, in order to get the most out of it and to remain safe. Make sure you know what you’re doing at all times, and it is recommended to get assistance in this sport before you attempt it by yourself.


For many reasons, some claim that winter is the best time of year, with all its poetic scenery, whispers of cool air running through the trees and abundance of seasonal activities. It’s easy to understand why. So in case you are stuck in a wintertime rut, huddled inside a blanket fort you made on your couch, this list is here to assist you in all of your endeavors.


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