The World of Tinder

By Carla Pimentel

Some people refuse to get a Tinder, but for some, like myself, Tinder is just a swiping game. I use it for the clever bios, the interesting conversations and, if I get lucky, free pizza.  

For those of you who don’t know, Tinder is a dating app that connects to your Facebook and connects you with other singles near you (let’s hope they are single). It displays the interests and friends you have in common with your potential match. Although once in awhile two people who meet on Tinder begin a relationship, it is primarily used for hookups.

Tinder is all about first impressions. Unless you delete your account and remake it, you only get one shot to match with that hot someone in your sociology class. Yes — you might see the person you super liked  around. That’s why it’s important to make your profile appropriate for your character and be very selective about who you super like (super like lets a person know you are interested before they swipe right and match with you).

Improve your Tinder profile using these examples of how not to Tinder: 

It is OK to love yourself and show you’re confident. Adding a joke on your bio shows you’re easy going, and it will increase the amount of “likes” you get. However, guys No. 3, 4 and 5 overshared. Oversharing is not good — you want to give the other person a preview of who you are, not a resume.

img_7118-1 img_7159 img_7162-1

Some people use their pictures as a way to stand out. Guy  No. 6  uses an acronym as an attention-getter, while No. 7 created an entire slideshow. If this doesn’t mean dedication, I don’t know what does.


img_7012 img_7011-1

If you are insecure about the way you look, Tinder is not the place to hide yourself. I don’t know how successful Alexander is, but I know that he has a better chance at finding someone if he puts up pictures of himself!

img_7132-1 img_7133-1 img_7134-1 img_7135-1

The profile photo of guy No.8 might be too much for some, but at least it’s his behind and not Justin Bieber’s.


Pictures like that of guy No. 9 are highly encouraged. Pictures like that of  guy No. 10 are not. You always want to keep in mind that although we live in a hookup culture, we have to be careful.You don’t have to be naked to get someone to hook up with you… the bio is pretty clear.


I strongly believe that if you are in a relationship YOU SHOULD NOT have a Tinder, UNLESS your partner approves. In that case you should add it in your bio. Sorry guy No. 1, I will not be swiping right. For all I know you have a loving girlfriend who deserves better.


Thankfully, guy No. 2 is nice enough to include his girlfriend.


We all know that this isn’t you Robert!

img_6318 img_6317 img_6316

I hope this was helpful! Just remember to be aware of who you’re talking to, stay away from people who don’t use their real pictures, never meetup without telling a friend, always meetup in a public place with people around and never take people too seriously.

Happy Swiping.

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