Five Ways to Win Your Girlfriend Over on Valentine’s Day


When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary for your girlfriend? With busy schedules and bad timing, it can get hard planning some quality time with the person you’re with. But with Valentine’s Day coming up, it gives you the perfect excuse to dedicate a night for the two of you. And with a little surprise treat on the side, you’ll be getting a #bestboyfriendever on her Instagram for sure!



1. A box of chocolates and flowers

You can’t go wrong with the classic chocolate heart-shaped box and bouquet combination to say Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s both simple and romantic, and a perfect gift for those who’d rather have a laid back Valentine’s Day. And if your girlfriend says not to get her anything, don’t listen to her, and get her those chocolates and flowers anyway!


2. A handwritten letter

Nothing says I appreciate everything about you more than expressing yourself through words. Write about how you feel about her and what makes her special.
Nowadays, with texting and social media, it’s rare for people to want to write anything on paper. But that doesn’t mean that the value of a handwritten letter has diminished in any way. In fact, it makes it that much more meaningful and special, especially from the person you love.


3. Life-size teddy bear

Every girl has dreamed of having her own life-size teddy bear! She isn’t going to buy one herself, so why not get her the best teddy bear in the world for her to finally snuggle with? Watch her eyes light up with excitement as she walks into the room to a teddy bear the size of herself. She might end up hugging the bear before you, but hey, at least you’ll know she loves it!


4. Candle-lit dinner

You don’t need to break your wallet by going out to some fancy restaurant. Instead, surprise her with a homemade dinner for when she comes home. Even if you’re not the best cook, just remember that it’s the thought that counts! Put some flower petals and candles around the room for a nice added touch. That will definitely gain you some brownie points.


5. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Diamonds can be pretty pricey, but if you shop around right, you can find the perfect diamond, stone, crystal, or any type of jewelry for her and for your budget. It’s always hard trying to shop for girlfriends. I get it — we’re picky, we complain, and we never know what we want. But know that no matter what necklace, bracelet, or even pair of socks you end up getting for her, she’ll appreciate more than anything that you took the time to find the perfect gift for her. So if you want to treat your girlfriend with a gift, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to do it.  

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