A Few Tools to Spice up Your Workout

The gym can get boring if you don’t know how to switch your normal routine up once in awhile. While crunches, squats and push-ups are important and will get your muscles moving, adding a little extra on top of your ordinary exercises will not only get you better results, but also a more exciting and rewarding workout. Here are a few simple tools that you’ll want to look for in the gym that will give you the results you are looking for.


1. Resistance Bands

Photo by Emily Kim

Resistance bands are probably my favorite must-haves for when I go to the gym. Specifically for the days when you are working on that booty, resistance bands will get you to feel the burn no matter what you do them with. There are different strengths of bands that you can choose from and tons of workouts that you can use them with. Just slip one on, and you’ll immediately feel the difference.


2. Medicine Ball

Photo by Emily Kim

Most gyms provide medicine balls, which is nice because then you don’t need to bring your own. They can be used for practically any muscle you are working on. Squats, Russian twists, push-ups, you name it. Pick a weight that you feel most comfortable with and incorporate it with whatever exercise you normally do.


3.Stability Ball

Photo by Emily Kim

You may think that stability balls are used for beginners and moms who need a little help with crunches, but they are also used by the more advanced gym rats. No matter what your skill level, a stability ball is a very handy accessory to incorporate into your routine.


4. Foam Muscle Roller

Photo by Emily Kim

Although this tool isn’t so much for building muscle, it is extremely beneficial for loosening muscle. To prevent extreme soreness and tearing, it is important to stretch before and after your workout. This roller is easy to use but may feel a little rough and uncomfortable. But don’t let that stop you because that means it’s working. Nobody said that stretching was easy!


Challenge yourself and reach for your goal with these fun additions to your usual routine. Experiment with different exercises and see what you like best!

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