APN’s Favorite Everyday DIY Hacks

As consumers, we are always looking for purchases that will make our days a little easier. Rather than running out to the store, often times there is a simpler solution already in our homes. Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box to repurpose an item and make it into your very own DIY hack! APN compiled some of our favorite tricks to help you save a buck.

Condom As Makeup Blender
Hack by Angela Lince

Photo by Angela Lince

Ever thought of incorporating a condom into your makeup routine? Believe it or not, thousands of people are doing it. With a smooth, silicon surface, you’re evenly spreading makeup on your face without a makeup sponge soaking up product, which results in using less makeup. Applying this technique to your daily regimen is easy. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the condom. We’re talking lubricant. This could complicate your experience. Alternatively, you could buy non-lubricated condoms and skip this step. This is also a safer bet for those of you allergic to lubricants. Non-latex condom work as well, if you have a latex allergy.

Once you’ve cleaned the condom, slip your beauty blender into it, and tie a knot. This keeps the blender in place. From there on, apply your foundation to your new and improved blender, and enjoy.

Cost: Possibly free. Head over to your local clinic or ask a friend. They most likely have you covered.

A Fix for Stripped Screws
Hack by Brendan Kelly

Photo by Brendan Kelly

Has a stripped screw ever gotten in the way of your home improvement project? Here’s a quick solution.

Lay a standard flat rubber band over the head of the stripped screw.  The rubber band should be wide enough to cover the entire head.  Next, firmly push your screwdriver or drill bit into the screw and turn it as you normally would.  It’s that simple.  Be careful not to apply too much pressure and tear through the rubber band.  If this does occur, however, simply move the position of the rubber band as necessary.  If this trick doesn’t work the first time, try using a slightly smaller screwdriver or drill bit to compensate for the space that the rubber band is taking up.  

Try out the rubber band trick next time you run into this problem when working on a project.  You’ll be surprised at how much time and effort it saves you.

Boot Stains Be Gone

Hack by Carla Pimentel

Photo by Carla Pimentel
Photo by Carla Pimentel


Rain boots tend to get dull after being exposed to sun or salt on snowy days.

How do you get rid of the blooms? It’s easy — if soap and water doesn’t get rid of the dull, faded salt stains, you can put olive oil on a paper towel and bring your boots back to life.

You can find a small bottle of olive oil at your local supermarket for just $2. You might even have some right in your kitchen! The more often you use the oil to clean your shoes, the better.

DIY Body Scrub
Hack by Tess Acierno

Photo by Tess Acierno

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years trying to find a body scrub that worked before I discovered this one. The best part? You can make it from things you probably already have lying around your kitchen.

This sugar scrub smells so yummy, and it’s super easy to make. You need  ⅔ cup of brown sugar, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional). A jar of coconut oil ranges from $5 to $15 (depending on what kind you get), brown sugar will run $2 to $4, and vanilla extract, about $5. Put the brown sugar into a bowl, then melt the coconut oil either over the stove or in the microwave. Mix them together and add the  vanilla extract for scent. Then, just put it in a container and voila! (FYI, if you’re keeping it in a glass jar like the photos above, use caution when you have it in the shower.) Use it in the shower a few times a week for baby-soft skin!


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