What’s Your Chill Pill?

With mandatory work, personal goals and relationships in the mix, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with life. At one point or another, hitting the pause button will give you time to reflect on mental commotion and recent downfalls. Everyone relaxes differently. These methods could help in a time when your usual chill pill no longer helps you chill.

Bask In Self-Care

Franchesca Parra takes a break from assignments to have her daily cup of tea. Her favorite flavor is peppermint! Photo by Jainaba Darboe

Being selfish is not always a bad thing, and when we find ourselves constantly wrapped up in tasks, we could quickly burnout. Franchesca Parra, a SUNY Plattsburgh student, said, “I enjoy drinking tea with ginger and jumping into a hot shower.” According to an article by Toffler Niemuth of the Huffington Post, tea contains the amino acid L-Theanine, which relaxes without inducing drowsiness. So find a source of heat like Franchesca or cater to yourself in a different way — your life, your rules!

Try Yoga or Meditate

Nelda Bennett holds a spine-twisting pose before she goes into her other intense positions. Some of her favorites are downward dog and headstands. Photo by Jainaba Darboe

Yoga and meditation are two sources of relaxation that require concentration, patience and balance. Note: You can’t perform either without being mentally at ease. “When I am having an extremely stressful day, I bring out my yoga mat and do some positions,” SUNY Plattsburgh Student, Nelda Bennett said. “I enjoy it because it is a challenge at body communication, and I find that very important.” Along with being a source of relaxation, yoga and meditation often leads individuals to become more mind, body and soul aware, which could result in a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Get Crafty

Some paint materials to bring out the crafty side in you. You could purchase paint and brushes for as low as 50 cents at Walmart. Photo by Jainaba Darboe

Tapping into your crafty side could help you relax and focus on a piece of art rather than your life falling to pieces. “I probably own more coloring books than a child does,” Samantha Kandybowicz, SUNY Plattsburgh student, said. “I also love to paint. Usually I focus on things that are bothering me and it transcends into art.” The beauty of art is that there are no limitations. You’re able to make edits, choose any topic and make it unique to fit your personality. So don’t hesitate to load up on crayons, colored pencils or paint to express yourself.

Take a Nap or Take a Walk

Nelda Bennett walks through SUNY Plattsburgh’s campus between classes to capture some images. Photo by Jainaba Darboe

When overwhelmed with life and all its conundrums, maybe it’s best to give your brain a break, but nap strategically! Napping has a science behind it. According to an article by Carolyn Gregoire of the Huffington Post, if you want to boost concentration and alertness, take a 20-to-30-minute power nap. If you lost some Zs the night before, take a 90-minute nap (experts say the average person’s sleep cycle is 90 minutes.) An alternative to taking a nap is taking a walk to clear your headspace. Set a timer, take a break and get ready for refreshed productivity.

In the end, how you chill depends on your interests, routines and time availability. It may take some time to see what helps you relax, but in the meantime, keep this in mind: Your body and brain are similar to a machine. If you continue to use them without dusting them off, repairing them or giving them a break, they will begin to malfunction.

So don’t forget to take a chill pill once in awhile!


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