The New Online Shopping Experience


Wow, would you look at how far we have come in the shopping realm! From catalogs to in-store sales, all the way to online shopping, our methods for hunting down and buying that perfect shirt we have been longing for have evolved exponentially in the past few decades. Now, in 2017, shopping has progressed even further. Buying and selling gently used clothes has now become mobile! Here are a few apps to take a look at if you are either:

  1. A shopaholic
  2. Looking to get a little extra cash
  3. Hoping to make room in your overflowing closet

Happy shopping/ selling!

1. Mercari

Screenshot by Keely Breen

Available on any iPhone or Android, this simplistic “buy-and-sell” app is easy to use and conquer. With the tap of a few buttons and the snap of a few pictures, you can easily upload a listing for any object of clothing, electronic device, beauty product or toy you would like to sell. Your own profile is public to anyone digging around the app for some new gear, and once they stumble upon yours and make some purchases, the only action you need to take is sending the item out. Shipping isn’t a hassle for you — they supply you with a prepaid shipping label! Mercari offers such a wide variety of products (even venturing into male products) from people just like you, which is why it is such a great app to invest time in.

2. Poshmark

Screenshot by Keely Breen

What makes Poshmark (another buy-and-sell-type app) different from Mercari or any other app is its ability to make buying and selling clothes a social occasion. One can take part in a special event called Posh Party, where specific themes are created, like Cocktail Party or Beach Day. And if you have any items up for sale that fit the theme, you can join the party and chat with other sellers. Poshmark also ventures into more upscale and expensive goods. The app’s developers authenticate each luxury good that is put up for sale, so you know you’re not getting a $300 knock-off Gucci handbag.

3. Everdrobe

Photo courtesy of Apple

It’s Tinder for those in search of beautiful clothes! Everdrobe is a mobile fashion experience like no other. Users are able to upload their own listings and then participate in all the fun by swiping left and right on new products based on their fashion preferences. Everdrobe prides itself on being ahead of the fashion curve, especially when it comes to gender-neutral items. How much easier could buying and selling clothes get than just a simple swipe?

4. Listia

Screenshot by Keely Breen

For Listia, buying and selling doesn’t just apply to fashion. On this app, you can find hundreds of different appliances, beauty supplies, electronics, furniture— you name it! What also makes this app standout is the fact that it’s a trade-only service, which means for every sale you make, you receive credits that can then be redeemed for things like cool gift cards or video games. The credits cannot transfer into real cash. Instead, credit-to-cash transfers will be donated to the National Association for the Deaf. Talk about progression in the shopping industry!

5. LetGo

Screenshot by Keely Breen

Unlike all the previous apps, LetGo requires no shipping labels, trips to the post office or tedious product tracking to make sure everything is going to the right location. With this app, you can earn cash quickly by selling products to those in your local area. It’s simple, fast, easy to use and fun listing your gently used items or just scrolling to see what’s available close by. The organization of this app differs from Ebay and Craigslist by requiring photographs and lengthy, in-depth descriptions, so you know exactly what you are going to get!

Buying and selling used clothes and other products has never been easier! Check out some of these apps available on your smartphone and test out just how useful each one truly is.


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