Athletic Fashion

The gym may not be for everyone and neither is running. However, being comfortable and cute is. The clothes that you wear to the gym are now becoming the clothes you wear to go to the store, class or the mall. Fashion and fitness have been collaborating as a new trend for everyone. Even for those who don’t do yoga or workout at the gym can add a section to their closet for the active clothing to wear on a daily basis. Here is some of the most popular athletic wear that will make you look good inside and outside of the gym:

1. Lululemon

Photo by Emily Kim

Lululemon has clothing that everyone can wear, active or not. Their material makes it hard not to want to spend the entire day in their clothes. It’s common to see celebrities and fitness bloggers sporting Lululemon on social media because of its comfort and style.

2. Cropped sweatshirts

Photo by Emily Kim

Forget diamonds. Sweatshirts are a girl’s true best friend. Throw on those high-wasted Lululemon leggings with a cropped sweatshirt. You’ll feel perfectly comfortable and trendy, while adding no additional effort to your mornings.

3. NIKE Roches

Photo by Emily Kim

Sneakers have been introduced as a popular hit on the streets of fashion. It’s about time that sneakers became incorporated into any style. Lace up your Roches with your favorite sundress, skirt or jeans. The world of fashion and comfort will magically merge into one. Roche sneaker’s lightweight material and ultimate comfort makes them one of the most popular sneakers to purchase for the gym or for everyday wear. Get your own pair and you won’t regret it.

Some people like to think that gym clothes shouldn’t be regular day-to-day clothes. I say why not? If you can look cute and be comfy all in one, why not stuff your drawers with workout leggings and sweatshirts that you can also wear out?

“It’s my outfit every day of the week. I go to the gym a lot, and I have a busy schedule, so putting on gym clothes in the morning makes it a lot easier for me to just head to the gym whenever I can. Plus, they are so comfortable; I love wearing them,” said Serena Thomaidis, a SUNY Binghamton student. Fashion and fitness are integrating more than ever now; take advantage of the most comfortable style trend yet.


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