The Ideal Man or Woman Cave Would Have …

By Amanda Johnston, Angela Lince and Keely Breen   

Photo courtesy of Ricardo Velasquez on Flikr

There’s nothing like having a space to make your own. But often budgets and space restrictions limit us from fully achieving our dream rooms. APN staffers reached out to the public to find out what their man or girl cave would feature if there were nothing holding them back.

Julian Breyette: Julian wants a really large Apple TV in his man cave to watch while relaxing on a comfy bed or couch. He would also have a wine cooler and a wet bar; he wants a comfortable space to relax in.

Matt Cherry: Matt wants a ping-pong table and an in-home theater in his man cave with a wall-to wall movie screen and surround sound. He wants a space to have fun and be entertained with friends and family.

Cassidy Baker: Cassidy wants a huge stereo and a large TV in her woman cave. She also wants a fully stocked bar and a dance floor, so she can hang out with friends and party all night long.

Melina Pallotolo: Melina wants a fireplace and a spa in her woman cave. She also wants fluffy couches and a bar. Her goal for her space is to be relaxed, cozy, comfortable and pampered.

Hanna Otis: Hanna imagines her woman cave being decked out with a large circular trampoline. She also wouldn’t mind an endless supply of shoes. The most important cave item, however, is a giant bowl of raspberry Dum Dums.

Brinnah Leiching: Brinnah wants an unlimited amount of tropical-berry wine coolers. She also wouldn’t mind adding in a large-screen television, with an even larger collection of romantic comedies.

Kendyll Gaster: Kendyll would love to have her own barista at her service in her woman cave. She would also like a rock wall, a water slide and giant television to watch “That ‘70s Show” on! She also feels that a few plants would complete her room.

Reese Jacob: Reese would thoroughly enjoy having a nice television to watch hockey on, some recliners and a retro popcorn machine. To complete the hockey-inspired room, he would want a synthetic ice-floor complete with a hockey net in the corner, so he could shoot some pucks at it.

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