Concert Survival Guide

Photo by Keely Breen

So you just scored tickets to an upcoming concert. Your excitement is through the roof, but then the anxiety sinks in. What do you bring? What do you wear? How do you avoid getting shoved in that insane mosh pit of screaming fans? Well, have no fear because this list is your go-to to survive and thrive at any concert!

1. Bring as much money as you’re willing to spend

In order to avoid overspending on peanuts, popcorn, posters, T-shirts and other merchandise, only bring as much money as you are willing to spend. This little tip will protect you from possibly losing out on your hard-earned cash for some very overpriced apparel. Only carrying a few bucks will also lighten your load, so you’re not as worried about keeping track of your cash.

2. Don’t spend the whole time videotaping/Snapchatting the concert

What is the point of paying for tickets to a concert if you are not even paying attention the whole time? Exactly, there is no point. Watch and have a good time! Live in the moment and really absorb the entire atmosphere around you. Of course, no one is saying not to catch your favorite song on video, just make sure you are getting the most out of your expensive concert ticket.

3. Bring a cross-body bag

If you want a fool-proof plan to avoid getting your purse stolen, a cross-body bag or fanny pack is the way to go! Since these items do not require you to carry them everywhere and mainly keep you hands free, they are great options in order to avoid putting your purse down. This is also a great idea because some places will not let you bring in large bags.
4. Stay in a group

The last thing you want to do is find yourself alone in a crowd of crazy fans. This is especially true at a large event since more people means it’s easier to lose your friends. Whenever you are venturing out on your own to go get food, beverages or even just go to the bathroom, make sure you bring a friend or two. Also, making a plan in case you guys get separated will go a long way in relieving anxiety and saving time.

5. Be prepared to wait

Don’t expect concerts to start on time because setting up the creative sets takes a lot of time and energy. Make sure your phone is fully charged, so you can keep yourself entertained while you are waiting for the gates to open. Lower your expectations for a perfectly timed out concert and keep your cool if everything is taking longer than expected.

6. Dress for the concert

You don’t want to be that weirdo who wears a cowboy hat to a rap concert. Make sure you feel confident in what you are wearing and make a strong attempt to dress for the genre of music you are going to go listen to. This will help you feel way more comfortable in large crowds, so that you can jam out, and you won’t get any awkward stares. Also, make sure you dress for the weather, so you are not stuck overheating or having to hold your heavy jacket instead of enjoying the music.

7. Don’t buy merch from weird parking lot guys

Try not to fall for the typical “guy in the parking lot selling an amazing deal” scam. Buy any tickets/ VIP packages from a reliable site or source in order to avoid getting tricked by one of these masters of deception. Realizing that the meet-and-greet tickets you bought are fake and not scanning is soul crushing, so try your best to avoid this heartbreak. This also goes for any posters or merchandise because most of the time, these items are bad quality, something is ironically spelled wrong, or it’s stolen or otherwise illegal merchandise.

So, rock on ladies and gentlemen! With these tips and tricks, you are ready to tackle any concert. Big or small, rock or country, mosh pit or screaming fan girls- the concert world is yours!

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