APN’s Favorite Feel-Good Tunes

Photo courtesy of the Pexels website

When the weather starts to turn, there is nothing quite like rolling down your windows and turning up your favorite jam. Here are some of our favorite feel-good songs, just in time for spring.

Angela Lince’s Pick

Song: After the Moment – Craft Spells

This song is simply about an exciting romantic relationship that occurs at night. “It’s you and I who will hold out till the morning light,” is followed by a groovy, indie beat that either makes me dream about my nonexistent love life, or roller skating in the ’70s.

Amanda Johnston’s Pick

Song: May We All – Florida Georgia Line

“May We All” by Florida Georgia Line is my favorite song to play with the windows down and the sunshine out. The country beat reminds me of the warm south and hot summer days. The lyrics remind me of my hometown and how I grew up, and makes me want to sit around a bonfire with my friends and a couple cold beers. It’s a laid back tune that makes you feel happy, reminds you of the simple and enjoyable things in life and has a catchy country tune

Brendan Kelly’s Pick

Song: Technicolor – Madeon

“Technicolor” is an electronic dance song by Madeon.  I used to listen to this song in the summer of 2013 when I first dove into the genre of EDM.  I got the opportunity to see it performed live in the summer of 2014 at Echo Stage in Washington D.C. I love this song because it’s based on a single melody, but it’s used in so many different ways that it keeps the listener engaged for the entire six and a half minutes of it.  The song holds tons of energy and emotion and has intense high and low points throughout, so make sure you turn it up in the car.  Madeon’s goal when producing “Technicolor” was to tell a story through music; I think he’s done just that.  

Carla Pimentel’s Pick

Song: One Dance – Drake

“One Dance” by Drake has been my feel good song for a year. If you’ve heard the song before, it will only take a second to fill your lungs with air and shout “baby-eh.”  The rhythm makes my body move on its own. It takes me back to the Dominican Republic where I soak up the sun and drink coconut water. I love listening to it before going to a party or while driving with the windows down!

Deja Skipper’s Pick

Song: All Nighter – Dan and Shay

My feel good song is “All Nighter” By Dan and Shay. It has an upbeat tempo that you just can’t help but nod your head to. It’s about having fun with friends and staying up all night, talking and just having a good time. “This is an all nighter! Get lost with you running through every red lighter,” is one of the lines in the song that makes me imagine myself on a warm night hanging out with friends while walking around a town.

Jainaba Darboe’s Pick

Song: I – Kendrick Lamar
On my unmotivated days, where I feel more potato than human, the song “I” by Kendrick Lamar is my go-to feel-good song. The songs repetitive chorus shouts “I love myself” while the jolly beat probes you to take a happy walk with rhythm in each step. The background vocals and verses explain that adversity will find it’s way but as long as self-love is there, you are able to conquer obstacles. So whenever you need a quick esteem boost, turn to this empowering tune and you’ll be sure to start chanting in your head “I love myself!” 


What are your favorite feel-good tunes? Tell us on our twitter, Instagram, Facebook or in the comments here.


** Feature photo courtesy of Pixabay’s website

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