APN’s First Date Deal-breakers

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When it comes to dating, we all have to draw the line somewhere. Often times, the things that are red flags to us have either resulted from past experience, will likely present themselves as roadblocks in the future of the theoretical relationship or genuinely have us concerned about our date’s character. For these reasons, it is a good practice to get it all out in the open and trust your instincts. Here are some of APN staffer’s first-date deal breakers:

Jainaba Darboe:

If a guy asks me questions or makes conversation on topics pertaining only to sex on the first date, I would believe it is the only thing he is seeking. Not to mention, it would drive me crazy because I enjoy speaking on more interesting topics, like food and dreams.

What’s the point of a date? To exchange words, hugs and other things (perhaps), right? Another deal breaker is when a guy is glued to his phone more than he is interacting with his date; it shows a huge lack of interest. At the same time, I understand people go to their phones as a comfortable distraction when put in awkward or nerve-wracking situations. I am kind of guilty of that myself. I recall being on a date where the both of us were on our phones until the food came. I think it has become a commonality in our generation. Either way, it defeats the whole purpose of a date.

Tess Acierno:

If a guy is unattentive on or before the first date, that’s definitely a deal breaker for me. If he’s the kind of guy who waits at least two hours before responding to a text, only makes plans to “Netflix & chill,” or asks me to hang a few days before, then on the day of, doesn’t text me until 9:45 p.m. with a, “So you still wanna hang?” it’s a no go.

Sarah Trafton:

If he’s not an animal person, it’s a no go. Whether he’s allergic, grossed out by hair or afraid (for no good reason), it’s just not going to pan out. A life without animals is no life for me. Over the past summer, I met someone who was allergic, and at the time, I was super bummed. But now I realize that there are just certain things people can’t compromise about themselves in a relationship and that’s OK.

Amanda Johnston:

If the guy is super rude to the waitstaff or other employees, it’s over. Any guy I’m dating has to be genuine and kind. I strive every day to be kind to strangers because you never know how their day is going. So if a guy I’m with is rude to others, I’m done. I’ve been a waitress and dealt with rude customers, and I wouldn’t want to put anyone else through that, plus, if someone is rude to waitstaff or employees, it gives the impression that they think they are holier-than-thou, and who want’s to date someone cocky and full of themselves?

What are your first date deal breakers? Comment below!

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