APN Recipes: Crescent Roll Hacks

Crescent rolls were always a staple in the large family dinners my mom made. Although they are delicious plain, many creative elements can be added to transform these rolls into delicious meals all of their own.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and break open a tube of crescents. The perforated lines should separate the dough into eight triangles. Make sure the dough is cold because soft dough  is nearly impossible to work with. Once you’ve prepped the rolls, it’s time to add the ingredients!

Pizza Crescent

*ingredients: marinara sauce and shredded cheese

  • With a spoon, spread a light covering of sauce over the dough
  • Sprinkle shredded cheese on top
  • The dough triangle should be rolled from its base to the point at the top
  • Point the sides down to form a crescent shape

Chicken Quesadilla Crescent

*ingredients: chicken (cold cuts or cooked) and shredded cheese

  • Cover the dough with shredded cheese
  • Place chicken on top. When using cold cuts, only half a slice is needed
  • Roll the dough from the base to the tip
  • Point ends downward

Nutella Strawberry Crescent

*ingredients: hazelnut spread and fresh strawberries

  • Spread Nutella lightly over the dough
  • Rinse strawberries and cut into small pieces
  • Place the fruit throughout the roll
  • Roll the dough and point the sides downward

Caesar Spinach Crescent

*ingredients: Caesar dressing, spinach leaves, shredded cheese

  • Spread a light layer of Caesar onto the dough
  • Cover in another light layer of shredded cheese
  • Rinse spinach and cut into tiny pieces (make sure to cut off the stems)
  • Place spinach throughout the roll
  • Roll from bottom to top and point the ends

Place all rolls on a buttered cookie sheet. The easiest way, I have found, of buttering the sheet is to put a sandwich bag over your hand, dip it into butter, and rub it over the pan. Cook the rolls for about 12 minutes, checking for a flaky, lightly browned crescent roll. You will have amazing smells coming from your oven.

Enjoy !

*Photos by Sage Lewandowski

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