It’s Not Fall Without…

Since the beginning of time, seasons have shaped our memories and the latest trends, as well as our lifestyles. Fall happens to be APN’s most treasured and favored season. For us, it’s when classes begin, pumpkin iced coffees are sipped and leaves underneath our combat boots crunch. Fall just isn’t fall without certain things. For our staff, those certain things are…

Angela Lince: It’s not fall without my Palladium combat boots.

Photo by Angela Lince.

These Palladium boots not only act as a combat boot, they also can fold over to create a sneaker-type look.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made occurred approximately one year ago while attending college. Here’s how the story begins: One fall evening, my friend and I were out for a drive in her vehicle. As we made our way back to campus, I noticed a girl standing on the sidewalk, wearing the cutest boots in the WORLD. Quickly, I told my friend to slow down, so I could ask her what brand they were. “They’re Palladium,” she yelled. Within seconds, I was already on the Palladium website browsing for the exact color and style boot.

To this day, I wear them.


Kaylee Adams: It’s not fall without a fall-colored wardrobe.

Photo by Kaylee Adams.

My favorite parts of the fall season are the colors, which I incorporate into my wardrobe. By mid-September, every clothing store is suddenly covered in oranges, yellows and browns. Surrounded by maroon Timberlands and burnt sienna jackets, I can say it’s my favorite time to shop because everything is offered in my favorite hues. It’s safe to say my bank account takes a blow during fall. In a season that spices up your lattes, there are many great colors to spice up your wardrobe.


Sophia DeVito: It’s not fall without my Kat Von D liquid “Lolita” shade lipstick.

Photo by Sophia DeVito.

Sephora has always been my go-to, especially in the fall. My favorite thing to do at Sephora is browse the store, admire all the makeup and look for the new fall trends. I had heard about matte liquid lipsticks but never thought I would like them because I’m a lip gloss kind of girl. However, I stumbled across a Kat Von D liquid lipstick and instantly fell in love. The color was named “Lolita,” and it was a burnt-orange shade with a hint of brown and maroon. Something inside me told me I needed it. To this day, it’s one of my favorite lipsticks. It’s also one of the only lipsticks I reserve strictly for the fall months. Fall wouldn’t be the same without it.

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