Say Bye-Bye to Dry Skin in 5 Steps

Imagine you’re sitting down at your vanity, about to do your makeup for your evening date, and you find your skin filled with dry, flaky patches. Life can seem like a never-ending journey to hydrate dry skin. For those who understand the daily struggle, I have a few tips that might help. Weather changing can play a major role in making our skin so dry. Other factors can include things like genetics, products and age. Here are a few helpful tricks and tips to keep your skin happy and hydrated as the colder months approach.

  1. Cleanse the skin

Washing the face can strip it of its natural oils, but it is important to cleanse the skin. Washing your face will remove any dirt or buildup that could have accumulated throughout the day.

“It is better to use warm water, as it will clean your skin but keep the moisture in,” said Katie Torre, an esthetician working at a day spa in Clifton Park, N.Y.

Try to only cleanse at night before bed. Washing your face twice a day can easily dry it out. A good and gentle face cleanser I would recommend is Purity by Philosophy. It gently removes the dirt and makeup without drying the skin out completely.

Photos by Sophia DeVito– Purity face wash.
  1. Exfoliate

Dry skin can often lead to a flaky texture on the face. It is important to exfoliate the skin to remove any dead cells, but this should be done no more than three times a week.

Peter Thomas Roth has an amazing exfoliator, in my opinion. As you rub it into your face, the dead skin peels away and is left on your hands.

Photo by Sophia DeVito — Peter Thomas Roth Firm Peeling Gel Exfoliant.
  1. Moisturize

Duh! Some people forget that applying a moisturizer is one of the best ways to help improve dry skin. After washing your face, the skin needs to be replenished from being stripped of its natural oils. Make sure to apply a thick moisturizer at least twice a day; or try out facial oils. While some can be pricey, they last a while and can definitely improve the appearance of the skin.

I’ve found that Josie Marin Aragon Oil is a great investment. It helps with hydration while not feeling too heavy. Coconut oil also works wonders. Not only is it cheap, but it’s easy to find.

  1. Try facial mists

Don’t knock it till you try it! Spraying a hydrating facial spray onto the skin can make it feel refreshed. Not only do facial mists smell phenomenal, they keep the skin hydrated.

A personal favorite of mine is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea. A quick spray before applying makeup or after applying a moisturizer can really step up hydration.

Photo by Sophia DeVito– Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea.
  1. Choose the right makeup

Foundation isn’t always a must. Skip it and try out a tinted moisturizer like a BB cream. They are lighter on the skin and help to moisturize (hence the name). Try to avoid powders as much as possible because they tend to stick to dry patches. I also recommend crème-formula products like blushes and bronzers.

Although these tips may help to combat dry skin, they aren’t guaranteed. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is DIFFERENT. What works for one person might not work for someone else. Give these tips a try! Test out different products, drinks lots of water and find what works best for your skin!  

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