Steve Perry Returns … with a Vengeance

After a 25 year break from recording and touring, Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey, has returned. Perry’s new album is titled “Traces.” After he lost his girlfriend to cancer, he began writing and recording again.

Steve Perry’s career with Journey and his voice have influenced generations of fans and musicians.

“I think their music is extremely impactful,” said Tom LaRocca, a long-time music and Journey fan. “Their lyrics have so much depth and can resonate no matter what generation you’re from. Their music will definitely be some to stand the test of time.”

Right now there are only two tracks available: “No Erasin’” and “No More Cryin.” However, we can still look at these two masterpieces and see just why Perry is back and better than ever.


No Erasin’

The first words we hear from Perry in 25 years are, “I know it’s been a long time coming.” It certainly has. “No Erasin’” is an exciting track with loud guitars and keyboards reminiscent of Perry’s time in Journey. Perry croons about a past flame and how he remembers the stars and “the backseat of her car.”  Perry’s voice has definitely aged, yet he has proven he still has all the soul he had all those years ago.

“Artists that wrote at such an intricate level were usually banished to cult status at that time,” said Brian Paolantonio, a long-time concert-goer who is extremely excited about Perry’s return. “Perry’s lyrics made many Journey songs both classic upbeat earworms and timeless ballads with multiple meanings to different people.”

I give “No Erasin’” a 9/10.


No More Cryin’

Perry’s pop sensibilities are intact and stronger than ever on this track. “No More Cryin’” could possibly be more autobiographical than the previous single. Perry sings from his soul, speaking of lost love and never loving again. The song has an R&B feel to it opening with keys from an organ leading into a 6/4 time feel. Ultimately, the track is a satisfying blend of pop and rock music evoking emotion for that of a loved one lost.  

I give “No More Cryin’” a 10/10.

“I prefer No Erasin’,” Tom Larocca said. “This song is Steve Perry doing what he does best. The lyrics can speak to so many people. I mean everyone knows what it’s like to hear from an old girlfriend”

While I do immensely enjoy both tracks, I prefer “No More Cryin’.” Perry’s voice soars throughout the chorus. Both songs are a great preview of what’s to come.

“I think it’s the general consensus having Steve back. Either way, his solo work was great too,”  Paolantonio said.

Traces is available everywhere Oct. 5. I and many others look forward to hearing the rest of the new material from Steve Perry. I’m sure the albumwill be nothing short of a masterpiece.Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 12.23.55 PM

Steve Perry’s updated Youtube Playlist for everyone to enjoy.

Photo by Anthony Bubbico.


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