EmbyBoutique Makeup Tutorial

First things first, I’m not by any means a professional with makeup. Anyone who knows me will support me in my claims when I say, putting on eyeliner for me is “doing a little extra.” My lack of time and skill allows my daily makeup routine to be just the quick attempt to hide the dark rings from under my eyes

I thought it would be fun to try my hand at a little makeup tutorial of sorts to show the product that I wrote about in my last article “From Small-Town Girl to Vegas Businesswomen.”

Before beginning the video, I made a point to do most of my base makeup. I started with my foundation, concealer and then the bronzer. After, I added a little blush to my cheeks and some highlighter to my cheekbones.  

I used EmbyBoutique’s “Holographic Palette” for this eyeshadow tutorial. All of the colors in the palette are shimmer colors, which then required me to take out a different matte palette that I found for $7 at TJ MAXX. I used this as the base colors underneath the “Holographic Palette.”

For this look, I used the first 4 top row colors. None of the colors have individual names. In my video, I attempted to describe the colors.

Starting off with a pink/rose color, I blended it into the crease of my eyelid, using windshield wiper-like motions to help blend it out. After I was satisfied with the look of it, I added in a brownish color, blending that in just below the pinkish/rose. Once that was complete I used a gold to blend in with it. To finish the look, I took the pearl-like white shade and dabbed a little on the inner-corner of my eye and just below my brow.

After I did a little bit more blending and when I was satisfied, I started to add my liquid black eyeliner and some false lashes. This look was not hard to do at all, I only own 3 different types of brushes. For this look, I only used two of the three. I wiped off any extra color onto my arm after applying each.

My overall opinion on the makeup is that it is very pigmented, but the eyeshadow is loose, so there is a lot of fallout when applying it. This can be a bit cumbersome for those who apply their foundation and concealer first, because it does fall onto your cheeks a bit. Other than that, I believe that this handmade, vegan palette is a good palette for those who like to make a dramatic look with a little extra shimmer.

All of EmbyBoutique’s eyeshadows and more can be found on Etsy.


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