6 Items that Relieve College Stress

In college, it’s no secret that following a regular sleep routine is almost impossible. So, how are broke, sleep-deprived, overworked college students supposed to try and relieve some stress?

Here are 5 simple items that won’t break the bank, or the button on your jeans.

1. Tea


First on the list: Tea. Tea is a remedy that is used by many to help alleviate symptoms, such as headaches, bloating and even stress. Different tea leaves allow for different symptoms to be targeted. Peppermint tea, green tea and lemon balm tea are well known to help with stress. Tea is on the list of items that can help with stress because it is cheap, natural and you can DIY your own tea.

Growing your own tea can be rewarding, as well as stress relieving, though this might be too long of a wait for those who want immediate relief. Simply buying loose tea leaves and experimenting with different leaves, honey, lemon and more to get the best stress-relieving experience. If interested, check out this article with advice for brewing hot green tea.

2. Stress Ball

Next on the list is a stress ball. For anyone that doesn’t know, stress balls are normally palm-sized, round and molding balls that are meant to be squeezed to help relieve stress. While these are relatively cheap and can be found in gas stations and supermarkets alike, they are also enjoyable and cheap to make if you have some spare time to give.

I decided to try this one out for myself. I used some white rice I had left over in the kitchen and colorful balloons I bought at Walmart. For a more desirable experience, I recommend picking a color that makes you happy or relaxes you. If you have one, grab a funnel, this will help fill the balloon with rice. There is no specific amount of rice that should be used. Fill the balloon until your desired firmness is achieved, then tie the balloon securely and SQUEEZE!


3. Smooth Stone/Rubbing Stone

Rubbing stones are smooth stones that are meant to be palm-sized and work a bit like a stress ball. Instead of squeezing the rubbing stone, like its name suggests, it is rubbed. This tactic helps keep your mind cool and focused if you are in a stressful moment or if it’s crunch time on that homework again. Rubbing stones can be bought at craft stores. For example, Michael’s has a wall of colorful smooth stones. Pick up one of the tiny drawstring bags and fill it up with all your favorite colors for only $3.99. For those of you who would benefit from some fresh air and a bit of arts and crafts, try taking a walk and finding your own smooth rubbing stone. Customize it to your desires by adding stickers, painting it and more.


4. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is no stranger when it comes to stress relief. It’s cheap and can come in small rolls that only cost about $5! Or simply save the bubble wrap from old packages. This item can relieve stress by getting your mind off whatever it is that you are stressing about and making you smile. It’s the funny feeling and even more joyous sound can get those happy endorphins flowing. You could get others involved too to enjoy a maximum stress-free experience. Make it a  competition!


5. Candle


Making candles can be a bit time consuming, but if you are willing to put in a little effort, the process might just help you relax too. Customize your own candle with stress relieving scents to help you chill out while you work. Depending on how you make this candle, it can be as cheap as $10. For those who aren’t so strong-suited in the essential oils area, scents such as lavender or peppermint are well-known for relieving stress. Check out this quick and easy recipe if interested in making your own candle. Alyssa O’Donnell, a student studying at Plattsburgh State University said that candles are her favorite way of relaxing at the end of the day. “I put on my favorite scents and it just makes the room feel like home, I can feel the stress leaving my body.”

6. Essential Oil Necklace

For those who need a mobile relief, essential oils necklaces can be expensive, but making your own can be simple, fun and stylish!

With some clay, beads, string and scented oils, you can make your own necklace. Grab a scent that relaxes you and pick a color of clay that makes you smile. These necklaces will allow you to smell wonderful while you battle your day. Check out these step-by-step instructions to make your own essential oil necklace!


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