DIY Pizza Box Letter

There comes a time in every child’s life where there’s every initial and name, but your own. It gets frustrating time and time again, so here is a quick, delicious and easy way to give a big middle finger to all the stores that don’t have your initial in stock.


Start with a pizza box. Don’t worry if there are some grease marks, nothing paint can’t fix.

Second, open the pizza box and cut the top half off. Some boxes come pre-cut, so just rip it off in that case. Before you begin to trace, cut the outer corners of the pizza box. Put aside any scraps for later.



Grab a ruler and draw the letter you’d like. You can make it as big or small as the pizza box will permit. I chose a V, so tracing was pretty easy.

giphy-2                                giphy-3

Once your letter is traced, go ahead and cut it out.


The next step is to trace the letter onto the bottom of the pizza box.




Cut out the second letter.



Now it’s time to use the scraps on the sideline. Set one letter down flat. Then with either a hot glue gun, tape or regular glue, place the outer tabs vertically onto the letter.  



Continue to cut the outer tabs to fit around the perimeter of the letter.



Once the perimeter is glued, place the second letter right on top. Continue to glue to top letter until it is completely sealed.



         Let the glue dry for thirty minutes, then begin to paint! I chose black to cover the pizza box lettering and grease stains. Once the entire letter is painted, let it dry completely.



            Now it’s time to add some sparkles! Instead of making a mess and using a mass amount of glue, add a second layer of paint in sections.


Then sprinkle glitter right over the fresh coat of paint. Continue to do this section by section until the whole letter is covered.



Before lifting the letter, leave it flat to dry for an hour. After an hour, dust off the extra glitter and hang up your new 3D initial!




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