The Evolution of Drake

Drake has been one of the biggest names in rap for the last decade.  Drake was on the hit show called “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” where he played Jimmy for eight seasons. Drake then transitioned into the rap game, where he was scouted by Lil Wayne. He then signed Drake to his label, Young Money, Cash Money records. Drake released his debut album in 2010 called “Thank Me Later.” Drake then went on to make his own label, OVO, a couple years later. Drake recently dropped his fifth studio album, “Scorpion.”


Drake’s debut album was “Thank Me Later,” an album that blended party songs and emotional songs. Some great hits came from that album, such as “Over,” “Up All Night,” “Miss Me” and “Find Your Love.” Drake soon gained traction for his music and started to distance himself from being an actor on Degrassi. Around the end of 2011, Drake released his sophomore album “Take Care,” and that gained Drake so much popularity. Billboard called it “the sixth best album of the 2010’s.” The album blended so many different styles of music, from R&B to even electronica music.  

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 12.18.53 PM
Drake assisting Jorja Smith’s performance at Velvet Underground on August 24th, 2017. Photographed by Anton Mak. Under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license, no changes have been made.

Drake cemented himself as a top contender in the rap game with the release of “Take Care.” Drake hosted and performed on SNL after the album’s release. He went on to release an album and a mixtape in four years—“Nothing Was the Same” in 2013 and “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” in 2015. “Nothing Was the Same” was Drake’s third album. With this album, he wanted to bring back that style of “radio rap,” where songs are made specifically for the radio, but he did not want to lose what made him so popular with his “Take Care” album.


Drake changed up his style after his third album with the release of “Views” in 2016. Drake added more dance-style music. With songs like “One Dance,” “Too Good” and “Controlla.” Drake wanted to show his versatility and wanted reach a newer level of music. Drake then dropped “More Life,” which he claims is not an album, but a playlist. “More Life” featured a different style of music, and it showed that dancehall side of Drake.


Now, we are present time, and Drake dropped his fifth studio album, “Scorpion,” which had two sides an R&B side and a party song side.


SUNY Plattsburgh senior, Kernan Theodore said he prefers Drake’s older music.

“I prefer the old Drake because the first album I ever listened to was ‘Nothing Was the Same,’” Theodore said.

SUNY Plattsburgh junior, Rob Irving, who is a DJ, said that he has his personal preferences, but he understands what the crowd likes.

“I play a mixture of both old and new Drake, but more consistently newer because it’s more popular currently,” Irving said.

Theodore mentioned that he related to Drake’s music at a certain point, but now it’s not the same.

“I do miss the old Drake songs because at the time I had just gotten out of a relationship and I related to the lyrics, but now not as much,” Theodore said.


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