John Mayer: His Fans Just Feel Like

From singing about bodies he considers a wonderland to questioning a world that has gone mad, John Mayer has uniquely evolved throughout his career. He’s had peaks and valleys, often discussing love and the women in his life through song.

On his new track, “I Guess I Just Feel Like,” Mayer shares his view on the world around him. He comes off melancholy toward those who live a lie, but admits he’s the same way too.

“Nobody’s honest,” Mayer croons. “Nobody’s true. Everyone’s lying, to make it on through. I guess I just feel like, I’m the same way too.”

Eric Troiano, a drummer from Long Island, New York, enjoyed Mayer’s new track.

“I like the song a lot,” Troiano said. “Specifically the feel of it. Nothing is overdone, and all of the guitar riffs and drum beats don’t compete.”

Troiano began to find a liking for Mayer’s music when he discovered Mayer’s 2017 album, The Search For Everything.

“I didn’t really know what he was like,” Troiano said. “I listened to the album, then watched interviews with him, then re-listened to the album to understand better what he meant.”

“Still Feel Like Your Man” is the opening track for the album, which may refer to his previous relationship with singer-songwriter, Katy Perry. The songs are glittered with a bliss of R&B influences and Mayer’s affinity for writing radio-friendly pop music.

However, there are many fans who grew up with Mayer’s earlier music, yet don’t know much about his new material.

Brian Paolantonio, a music fan from Long Island, New York, grew up listening to Mayer’s first record, Room For Squares.

“I have fond memories of the 2001 album, Room for Squares,” Paolantonio said. “I remember him performing ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ at the Grammy Awards that year. I was very impressed with his sound.”

Paolantonio does not know much of Mayer’s new material. “I don’t doubt his new music would be good,” he said. “I just moved on to other artists after a while.”

Tom LaRocca, a college student from Long Island, New York, is another longtime fan of Room For Squares.

“The new song wasn’t bad,” Larocca said. “I liked how it was slowed down compared to his other stuff. It’s generic, but Room For Squares will always be my favorite.”

“I Guess I Just Feel Like” was released on Feb. 22. Mayer recently appeared on The Ellen Show to perform the song and will embark on a summer tour in the coming months.

While he may not be on top of the charts, Mayer continues to write and record. He hasn’t revealed any plans for a full-length album, but his fans can remain hopeful.

“He may not be changing his sound musically,” Troiano said. “But lyrically, yes. I think he’s gonna talk about some more mainstream topics or relevant topics to our generation.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 10.47.01 PM
John Mayer’s new single is available on Spotify. Photo by Anthony Bubbico.



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