Four Nontraditional Fall Activities

As the long summer days slowly become crisp autumn nights, the events of summer start to fade into memories. School starts back up, the days get shorter, trees lose their leaves and it feels like there’s not much to do except get back to the grind.

Shades of fall foliage observed from the top of Lyon Mountain, NY. Photo by Eric Troiano.

When thinking about autumn, the traditional thoughts of carving pumpkins, picking apples, getting lost in corn mazes and preparing for the holidays come to mind. However, there are many nontraditional activities to partake in during the fall season.


1. Go to the Beach

This might sound silly, but going to the beach during fall can have benefits that cannot be experienced during the summer. In the summer the beaches are crowded and hot. During the fall, beaches can be nearly empty, making them the perfect spot to escape to or a nice quiet place to go and have a picnic or a date.

Along with the beaches being empty, parking lots will also follow suit and be empty. No need to worry about leaving early in the day to get to the beach hoping there is a spot to park in. Arrive at almost any time of the day and parking lots should have plenty of spots left waiting to be filled.


2. Go to a Theme Park

Another place that tends to become less crowded during the fall are theme parks. As the summer winds down, lines to get into the park shrink and wait times for rides decrease.

Theme parks tend to get into the Halloween spirit by having events where park guests can walk through haunted houses and run around with the monsters of the night. Some examples of this are Six Flags’ Fright Fest or Universal Studios’ Hollywood Horror Nights. Check your local theme parks to see if they offer a night of scares near you.

3. Plant Bulbs in a Garden for Next Spring

When fall creeps in, all of the hard work that went into having the perfect summer flower garden starts to disappear. What one may not think to do is instead of letting their garden stay dormant, plant bulbs in their place that will bloom in the spring. According to, there are different types of perennials to plant that will bloom at different times during the winter and spring. Hellebores will flower mid-winter along with lily-of-the-valley and violets. Azaleas, witch hazel and honeysuckle bloom early along with some peonies.

Planting these flowers in the fall means there is less work to do late-winter into spring and a beautiful garden can start to bloom, allowing its beauty to be seen by all for the duration of summer.


4. Make a Homemade Bird Feeder

Colder weather means that animals will start to have a harder time finding food to eat. Instead of buying a traditional bird feeder, make an untraditional one for less money. Pine cone bird feeders are a simple activity to do that is fun to make and will help birds eat during cold months.

Pine cone bird feeders are simple to make. First, find a pine cone that has fallen from a tree and tie a string around it. Then, cover the pine cone in a layer of peanut butter and sprinkle bird seeds all over it. For more detailed instructions, check out the steps to DIY a pine cone bird feeder from The Spruce.

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