Quick and Easy Enchiladas Recipe

This recipe is a simple enchilada recipe that I had made one day after watching friends and family make these and then changing things around to make it my own. This meal costs under $25 to make and will yield 9-10 enchiladas.

Quick and easy to make homemade enchiladas. Photo by Eric Troiano.


The ingredients needed to make the enchilada recipe. Photo by Eric Troiano.

Ingredients Needed:

1 pound of ground beef

1 package of low sodium Old El Paso taco seasoning mix

1 can of Old El Paso green chilies

1 red pepper

1 small onion

1-10 ounce can of Old El Paso red enchilada sauce

9-10 8inch Old El Paso soft flour tortillas. 

Shredded cheese

Vegetable oil



1. Dice the onion and one-third of the red pepper. Put them in separate bowls and place them to the side.

2. Open the can of green chilies and pour about two-thirds of the can into a bowl and place to the side.

The onions, red pepper and green chilies cut up in bowls waiting to be used later on in the recipe. Photo by Eric Troiano.

3. Pour enough vegetable oil into a large skillet to cover the bottom of it and heat the oil until it’s warm.

The oil getting warm to sauté the vegetables. Photo by Eric Troiano.

4. Sauté the pepper and onion in the skillet until they are almost soft.

Sauté the pepper and onions first, then add in the green chilies. Photo by Eric Troiano.

5. Add in the green chilies and continue to sauté the vegetables until soft.

6. Pour the sautéed vegetables in a bowl and place it aside for later.

Pour the now sautéed vegetables in a bowl and place off to the side until later. Photo by Eric Troiano.

7. In the same skillet, place your ground beef in it and cook until browned.

8. Once the meat is cooked, drain the grease from the pan.

Brown the meat in the skillet and drain the grease when you’re done. Photo by Eric Troiano.

9. Follow the directions on the back of the taco pack. Add the required water amount of water and the package of seasoning to the meat.

Add the taco seasoning package to the cooked meat. Photo by Eric Troiano.

10. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

11. Add the satuéed vegetables to the ground beef. Mix them together.

Add the sautéed vegetables back into the cooked meat and mix them together. Photo by Eric Troiano.

12. Place a tortilla on the counter. Add two to three scoops of the meat and vegetable mixture to the middle of the tortilla. Add shredded cheese to your liking.

Add the meat and cheese onto a tortilla. Photo by Eric Troiano.

 13. Roll the tortilla and place it in a glass dish that is oven safe.

How the enchiladas will look once rolled up and placed in the glass dish. Photo by Eric Troiano.

14. Add the can of red enchilada sauce to the tops of the rolled tortillas.

15. Top with more shredded cheese.

The enchiladas topped with enchilada sauce and cheese, ready to be put into the oven. Photo by Eric Troiano.

16. Put the dish into the oven for 12 minutes to warm the enchilada sauce and melt the cheese.

17. Take the enchiladas out of the oven and serve.

This is what the enchiladas looked like right after they came out of the oven. Photo by Eric Troiano.

If you want to make a complete meal, serve the enchiladas with a side of vegetables. I served this dish with a side of corn and green beans. This dish takes about 40 minutes to make and costs less than $25.

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