Our Favorite Quarantine Activities

Ever since the pandemic of Covid-19 has taken over the nation, people have been stuck in their houses due to state-wide pauses and quarantines. Trying to make the most of it here are some of the APN’s staff members’ favorite quarantine activities.

Aja Landolfi


Looking for ways to get moving during quarantine try an online dance class. Screenshot captures by Aja Landolfi.
Looking for ways to get moving during quarantine try an online dance class. Screenshot captures by Aja Landolfi.

My favorite quarantine activity is dancing. As someone who has danced and taken dance classes for the last 17 years, I always have to be moving. While this time means I obviously can’t be in a physical dance studio there are plenty of online classes to take. One studio I have been taking a bunch of classes from is DanceOn, they have been streaming 305 fitness classes, stretch and relax classes, and tap classes on their Facebook page every other day. Some of the instructors from this studio have also been offering smaller, private classes through Zoom for students to take. 

Another choreographer I have been taking classes and learning from is Marissa Heart. Heart is a dancer and choreographer who teaches in California. It has always been on my bucket list to take a class from her if I ever get to visit California for as long as I can remember. Now, Heart has helped me check that off my list because she streams her beginner heels classes twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday through Instagram Live. Heart teaches on her live for one hour and then leaves it up for the next 24 so anyone can take it or relearn the dance the next day. Being able to continue my dance education during quarantine is something I am so grateful for. For anyone who is looking to get active and moving I recommend trying out some online dance classes.

Alex Leisenfelder

Staff Writer

Lately, I’ve been spending my free time either reading or playing video games. Now that I’m stuck at home, I have time to read all the books I’ve gotten that have been sitting on my shelf collecting dust. One book I’ve read recently was “Crooked Kingdom” by Leigh Bardugo, the sequel to “Six of Crows.” I’d highly recommend diving into the series.

Being at home means I have more time for video games as well. I’ve been able to get back into games like “Elder Scrolls Online” and “World of Warcraft.” I didn’t have my PC with me at school, so I wasn’t able to play them. Both of these games help me to escape from what’s going on in the real world, so it’s refreshing to be able to play them with friends. 

Brooke Desautels

Staff Writer

A screenshot from the game of a player casting the hydra spell. Photo by  Carla Pattillo (under CC  BY-NC-SA 2.0, no changes have been made.)
A screenshot from the game of a player casting the hydra spell. Photo by  Carla Pattillo (under CC  BY-NC-SA 2.0, no changes have been made.)

Being a longtime fan of RPGs, one of my favorite quarantine activities is playing a game called “Wizard101.” “Wizard101” is an RPG for computers. Players play as wizards from a variety of elements such as fire and ice. Throughout the game, players learn spells, collect equipment and pets, can garden and fish, own homes and more. “Wizard101” also has a main storyline that focuses on saving the in-game world, known as the Spiral. 

For those looking for an online escape, “Wizard101” is an older but suitable possibility. When I’m not hitting the books, “Wizard101” is an easy way to relax.

Haley Passino

Staff Writer

Between the transition to distance learning and the various changes made within my workplace, the stress has become too much. Fortunately, going for walks has been my saving grace throughout this quarantine. 

In my small town, there is this one particular path I walk often. It doesn’t have a name, but it’s roughly four miles long and consists of lovely countryside views. Whether it’s the crack of dawn or the middle of the night, I’ll walk it any time of the day. I’m alright with walking it by myself, but I always prefer having my mom or one of my friends come along with me. I typically see packs of deer while on this path, and I’ll jokingly say to my friends or mom that we’re “crashing their party.”

There’s also a house along the way with a family of ducks and a mother goose living in their pond. The mother goose is rather protective and will definitely honk at and chase you if she thinks you’re walking too close to her ducks. Don’t ask me how I found that out. Overall, the fresh air always puts me back into a good headspace. 

Sarah-Margaret Cowart

Staff Writer 

Running is a good way to get outside safely, exercise and clear one’s mind.
Running is a good way to get outside safely, exercise and clear one’s mind.

My favorite quarantine activity is going for runs. Although I do go outside for this, I only run a small loop that lasts about 30 minutes running by a river. I do not feel worried since I am not touching anyone or going anywhere near people. Being indoors more often has encouraged me to exercise more and it also satisfies my desire to go outside for some reason. As a busy person, the time has still been flying with work, school, and exercise.  

Fred Balzac

Staff Writer

I am a sedentary type. Honestly, if all I had to do was sit at my laptop and write, read, send and respond to emails, browse the internet, and communicate via the occasional social-media post, I’d be a happy sponge. However, one does need to get up once in a while. For that, I’m thankful, in this time of COVID-19, to live in the Village of Saranac Lake, where walking — especially with my wife, Kathy, and our son, Sam, and/or hound dog, Rosie — is not only one of the few allowable activities right now, it’s one of the most inviting.

Jessica Collins

Staff Writer

A forest biome in Minecraft. Photo by QuerPolPixel
A forest biome in Minecraft. Photo by QuerPolPixel 

My favorite quarantine activities have been watching TikToks, playing “Minecraft” and being able to call my dad more. Although I’m still very limited on free time during this quarantine, the moments that I do have some are great to try and relax a little from all the stress going on in the world. I’m still attending remote classes, and am considered an essential worker since I work in retail, so the stress of normal college classes and working is still there, and even amplified because of the anxiety of possibly contracting this novel virus. When I need a pick-me-up and a few hours of laughs, I scroll through my “For You Page” on TikTok. Although I would like to play more, I got to start a world on “Minecraft” with one of my friends and spent a few hours starting up my world with the basics like a farm, house and some animals. Lastly, I’ve actually been able to talk to my dad on the phone more after moving out. I used to be able to go up to visit since I moved out but still live close, but because of the pandemic, I’ve been unable to, however talking on the phone can be even more fun and meaningful.  

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