APN’s Favorite Halloween Memories

Halloween is right around the corner. So, us here at APN though we’d share some of our favorite halloween costumes and memories from years past. 

Jessica Collins

Staff Writer

My best friends Olivia as Rizzo, Kendall as Sandy and me as Frenchie. Photo provided By Jessica Collins.

My favorite halloween memory would be dressing up as “Grease” characters with a group for my senior year Halloween parade. This was so much fun because I got to spend time with my best friends, rewatch one of our favorite movies and rehearse a small parade dance. We did a small dance/walk around the stage and audience to “We Go Together” from the “Grease” movie. We also won the competition for “Best Overall” from my entire senior class. However, my pink Frenchie wig gave me a small eye infection, so that was not very fun. But otherwise, it was fun to dress up with my best friends, and connect through a costume. 

Caroline Bagby


Yung Gravy Costume. Photo by Caroline Bagby

Halloween 2019 was one of the best Halloweens I’ve ever had. I spent it with my friends and we did what college students do. My costume was the best part. I dressed up as rapper Yung Gravy complete with gold chain, ugly button-up shirt and funky sunglasses. Nobody knew who I was, but it didn’t matter to me. I was having the time of my life dancing like there was no tomorrow with my friends and celebrating Halloween. I will remember and cherish that night for the rest of my life.

Christyn Pettway

Staff Writer

My favorite Halloween was in 2011. I was 10 years old, and we had just moved into a new house during that summer. I’ve always loved the idea of Halloween, but never got to celebrate growing up because my Christian parents saw Halloween as the “day for the devil.” Still, I begged my parents to let me go trick or treating because the whole block was filled with houses giving out candy and my neighbor, Brianna, kept calling me to come out. Finally they said yes! I remember rushing to throw on Halloween colored clothes (because I’d never even worn a Halloween costume) and running outside to join Brianna. It was one of the first nights I got to stay out late and roam around but more importantly it was the first time I got to go trick or treating!

Haley Passino

Social Media Editor

Megan (middle) as Cat Woman, Erin (right) as a mouse and me (left) as a bruised and beaten up hockey player. Photo provided by Haley Passino

Halloween 2015 was a memorable one, for sure. My high school friend group and I trick or treated in Port Kent, a cute, little neighborhood. The area we were in was top notch as they had full-size candy bars. You can’t beat that. Afterwards, we had a girls weekend over at Megan’s house, which consisted of sugar highs from our candy stash followed by a Shrek movie marathon. It was such a vibe. Those were much simpler times. 

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