Top 10 Julie and the Phantoms Fan Theories

By Ashley St John & Angelica Melara

(CAUTION: Major Spoilers!)

“Julie and the Phantoms, ” a Netflix show released in September 2021, was made for young children and gained broader popularity through TikTok. The show is about a girl who loses her mother along with her passion for music. She then encounters a ghost band of three boys who end up helping her find her love for music again and form a band together. 

The show has sparked interest for many because of questions like “Who Julie’s mother is,” “Why do the boys have the ability to have people hear them when they play music and can be seen when they play music with Julie,” etc. 

“I have so many questions about the show, and at this point I’m just waiting for a season 2,” says Gina Martinez, a freshman at Stony Brook University and a fan of the show. 

Official trailer for “Julie and the Phantoms” on Netflix.
  1. Rose (seen at the beginning of the first episode) is Julie’s mom

    While the entire fandom already believes this one is 100 percent true due to some of the hints left in the show, it has never been explicitly stated. At the beginning of episode one, Reggie gives Rose one of their demos and a Sunset Curve t-shirt, both of which we see later on in the show. Julie finds and plays the demo, which is how the boys appear to her, and Flynn finds the t-shirt bedazzled in the trunk of Julie’s mom’s things. Rose also mentioned in episode one that she had been in some bands herself, and later
  2. Julie’s house and studio used to be Bobby’s house

    Sunset Curve used to rehearse in the studio that’s now Julie’s, but whose was it before? Many fans believe that it was Bobby’s house. We see Luke’s and what used to be Reggie’s houses but never see anything about Bobby or Alex’s homes. When the boys go into Julie’s house in the first episode, Luke says, “We like what you’ve done with the place,” meaning they know and are familiar with the house. Also, had Bobby and Rose stayed friends after the boys died in 1995, it’s possible that he gave her the house after his fame started to grow. This would also explain Julie and Carrie (Bobby’s daughter) being childhood friends.
  3. Now that Nick’s possessed by Caleb he can see the boys

    At the very end of the last episode, we see Nick going up to Julie’s house with flowers when Caleb appears behind him and possesses him. There are many different theories being tossed around about what could possibly be happening and what is Caleb’s plan. One is that now that Caleb is possessing Nick, Nick will be able to see the boys. To go off of that, Caleb could just be using Nick’s body to get close to Julie and possibly possess her to get back at the boys for escaping him. 
  4. Flynn and Willie are somehow related

    In the second episode, when viewers first meet Flynn, she is seen wearing a necklace with a lock on it. Later on in the season, when the audience meets Willie, he is wearing a necklace with a key on it. Fans of the show on TikTok and Twitter are now speculating that the two are connected in some way, even though it has not been mentioned that either one of them possibly had a sibling. Fans theorize that Flynn and Willie were siblings and hope that this will be confirmed in season 2.
  5. Luke finds “Perfect Harmony” in Julie’s dream box

    Luke has been seen snooping through Julie’s room and trying to find out secrets about her. Specifically, the secrets she keeps hidden away in her dream box to the point where Julie caught him almost opening the box when Luke and the boys were hanging out in Julie’s room. Fans of the show have theorized that Julie has written down the song lyrics to “Perfect Harmony” because the scene in which she and Luke are dancing was just in her head. The song resonated with her because of her feelings toward Luke. Also, as Julie mentioned in episode 2, before her mother died, if she came up with song lyrics, she would write them down and put them in her dream box. 
  6. Luke and Julie are going to confess their feelings for each other

    Alex and Reggie have made it clear that they know Luke likes Julie. He goes to her school to visit her and wants to spend time with her, and, as Alex mentions, they have chemistry when they sing together. Julie admits to having feelings for Luke after the perfect harmony scene. Fans of the show hope that they will soon be honest with themselves and each other about the way they feel. 
  7. Bobby was working with Caleb/sold his soul

    After Luke, Alex and Reggie died, Bobby changed his name and became very famous because of the songs that Luke had written for the band. Fans have come up with the idea that Bobby knew the boys were going to die that night, and that is why he did not want to go eat hot dogs with them. Fans believe that he made a deal with Caleb to get the other boys out of the way so that Bobby did not have to share his fame with anyone else.  After he recorded all of the songs that were written by Luke, Bobby was not able to make another hit.

    Going off of this theory, some fans believe that Bobby was who actually poisoned the boys. Martinez mentioned her theory about how the boys died was because Caleb and Bobby made a deal. The deal was that Bobby was going to be famous, but the loophole that Caleb created was that he would get famous by Luke’s songs and not his own. 
  8. Alex and Reggie’s backgrounds will be revealed

    Fans of the show were told that Reggie’s parents were fighting and his home life was not the best. Sarah Cook, a sophomore at SUNY Plattsburgh, said that she thinks Reggie’s parents got a divorce after he died, and they probably only see each other on Reggie’s birthday. 

    Fans don’t know much about Alex’s life. All they know is that Alex’s parents did not like the idea of him being gay. The hope is that the audience is going to learn more about him. Cook also theorizes that at least one of the boys had a sibling, and they are going to find out about the band because, according to Cook, “There is no way that none of them have a sibling.”
  9. Why Carrie and Julie don’t like each other

    It has been mentioned multiple times throughout the show that Carrie and Julie were close friends in the past. Based on how the girls act with one another now, there is no getting around the fact that they don’t like each other. It is never mentioned why the girls don’t like each other, but at the end of the last episode, Carrie stands up after Julie’s performance at The Orpheum, kind of giving her props for her performance. Maybe that is how they are kind of going to start mending their relationship, but no one knows for sure. 
  10. Luke’s mom, Emily, and Julie’s mom, Rose, knew each other

    If Rose was the girl who watched their soundcheck the night of their death, then it is possible that she found who each boys’ parents were. Dahlias are known to be the favorite flower of Julie’s mom, and they are seen in Luke’s parents house when he went to visit them on his birthday. Fans think that Julie’s mom visited Emily and would give her Dahlias. If this is true, it might also explain why Emily pointed out Julie’s sweater when they first met because she would have remembered Julie’s mom wearing it.

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