A look into a small business created during the pandemic

By Carly Newton

Photo via Miranda Hyatt.

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on small businesses. Many have struggled to stay open, while others shut their doors for good. As a result, people have been getting creative in order to make their business survive. Some have even opened their own business this past year.

One person is Miranda Hyatt, a 26-year-old mother of two children. Previously a phlebotomist, Hyatt turned to self-employment as COVID-19 got progressively worse. She had become pregnant during the pandemic and wanted a safer job that put her at a low risk. 

A picture of Miranda. Photo via Miranda Hyatt.

 Hyatt’s online business, Nail Coffin Creations, began in December 2020. Since then, it has been quite successful. 

“It started out as a hobby and now I make close to what I would working a minimum wage job full time,” said Hyatt. “And it’s only my second month in and it’s growing rapidly.”

Hyatt’s online business has become popular on the e-commerce website Etsy. You can find her business here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nailcoffincreations. The pandemic and the effect it has had on salons have boosted Hyatt’s press-on nail business. In order for her to keep things going, she said she has to ensure health regulations such as, wearing gloves, sanitizing before and after, and getting a COVID-19 test.

Nail design by Hyatt. Photo via Miranda Hyatt.

Hyatt’s had to adjust to working through a pandemic. She said she was already accustomed to the beauty and health standards that come with working with nails, so it was easy for her to adapt and adjust to the regulations brought on by COVID-19. 

 Hyatt’s business experience has been positive so far—unlike many small businesses that have closed over the past year. 

“I’d say my business was positively impacted by COVID-19. It’s helped make my business more into something people use and are looking for. I know most people don’t have that luxury with a small business.” 

Hyatt’s inspiration for creating her press-on nail business was the upcoming arrival of her baby. She said she was going to be home more and that she needed some extra cash. Hyatt also wanted to save money by doing her own nails.

“I was buying two sets a month for $40 each and it saved me money to learn through a lot of tutorials, products and practice. I still try and get practice daily. It’s a little harder with a newborn right now.”

One of Hyatt’s nail creations. Photo via Miranda Hyatt.

Hyatt has recognized the struggle many small businesses are experiencing right now and believes social media can play a big role in helping to keep them open.

“My biggest tip is marketing or learning algorithms. More people are out of work and on Facebook or Instagram. Social media has boomed and has been a big help. If you can reach other small business owners and collaborate together that helps a lot so you’re both getting something out of it. The public can continue to shop small— share small businesses online and learn that small businesses do a lot to ensure safety because it’s people’s lives. They live for it and love it and will do whatever to make themselves and others safe.”

Hyatt’s workspace where she makes her nail creations. Photo via Miranda Hyatt.

Hyatt said that her business can potentially let her achieve her goal of becoming a stay-at-home mother in the future and continuing to give people a reason to be happy.

“It sounds crazy but I love doing nails because I know it makes people happy to have some pampering during the pandemic.”

If anyone is looking to start a business of their own, Hyatt has a couple of tips to make it easier.

“Join groups on Facebook for that exact business type. Reach out to other businesses, collaborating really helps, and fight through if you’re passionate about it. It’s totally worth it.”

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