APN’s Songs for Spring

As the weather gets warmer and everything starts blooming, we can feel the gray clouds cast over by winter are starting to part. These are some songs we listen to to get into the mood and good vibes of spring. 

Jonas Ward

Staff writer

One of my favorite songs ever is “Daughter” by Pearl Jam. This song was released on their second studio album titled “Vs.”  in 1993. “Daughter” has an acoustic ballad which is probably one of the best I have ever heard. The song evokes a good feeling that always reminds me of warm weather and the impending summer. Pearl Jam has always been one of those bands that really speaks to the listener. Some of their songs are very political, and others are very psychological with their lyrics. I would highly recommend listening to their older stuff if you have never been introduced to the band.

Christyn Pettway

Staff Writer

My favorite song to listen to in the spring is “Summatime” by GoldLink ft. Wale and Radiant Children. I’ve been listening to this song since high school, when Goldlink was still a relatively new artist. I think it’s perfect to listen to this song in the Spring because Radiant Children sings about how she hasn’t seen someone since the summertime, but now they act like they don’t know her and don’t call her, and she sees this as a “love crime.” The song is perfect to sway to and makes me feel good about summer coming on the way. 

Nickie Hayes

Staff Writer

In my opinion, the best song to listen to in the springtime is “I Can’t Quit” by The Vaccines. This time of year, it can be really difficult to keep pushing through the semester, but this is the perfect song if you need a pick-me-up. It can be applied to a lot of situations where you just need to push through, and the cheerful beat in the background is great to jam out to. I also like to listen to this song before I go to work because literally, I cannot quit. So, next time you need a boost to get through the day, this is a great song to go for.

Ashley st. John

staff writer

My go-to song for this spring would have to be either “America’s Sweetheart” by Elle King or “Like 1999” by Valley. These two songs have been on my playlist for weeks now and I play them non-stop. I find them both to be really upbeat, fun songs and embody how spring feels to me. “Like 1999” is a newer song that came out earlier this year, while America’s Sweetheart is a little bit older, being released in 2015. To me, spring is a very fun, bright time, but it can also be a sort of gloomy and rainy time, so songs like these will keep you in the good mood you need to get through those days.

Carly Newton

Staff Writer

My song for the summer is “Only You” by Yaz. This song was first released in 1982 from the album “Upstairs at Eric’s.” Despite being 39 years old,  it sounds like it could have been released today. Its upbeat music and loving, happy lyrics make it a great addition to anyone’s summer playlist. When I listen to this song, I get a roll down your windows at sunset and blare it over your speakers vibe from it. I really enjoy the instrumentals in it, and I think it really makes the song sound so unique yet familiar at the same time.

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