Testing the Viral Seitan Chicken

By Angelica Melara

The latest viral TikTok food is seitan chicken. This type of chicken is not actually meat, and is vegan friendly. It is made up of flour, water and any spices that can be found in a kitchen. The chicken became popularized on the app in early March because of how nutritious it actually is. For something that is made out of flour and water, the amount of protein it has is pretty high. With one serving being only 104 calories, this non-chicken chicken has 21 grams of protein along with other nutrients that are good for the body. 

To preface, the process of making the chicken is not for someone who doesn’t like the feeling of slime. 

First, it’s all about working the flour and water together. I mixed 1 cup of flour with small amounts of water until it got to a dough consistency. Once it got to that consistency, I kneaded it a bit more. After I was done kneading, and the dough was able to hold its shape, I let it sit in a bowl with a towel covering it for 45 minutes.

Mixing flour and water together. Photo by Angelica Melara.

After waiting 45 minutes, I put water in the bowl that had the dough and kneaded the dough in the water. I did this consistently while also pouring the water out and adding new water in until the water ran nearly clear. This is the part that got a bit gross because the dough starts to have a stringy consistency, and it’s not the most pleasant feeling. 

Kneading dough in the water. Photo by Angelica Melara.

After having this strange stringy dough, I put it in a different bowl, and added seasoning to it. I added Adobo seasoning, salt, and pepper. 

Adding seasoning. Photo by Angelica Melara.

Once the seasonings were added, I put it on a frying pan that had hot oil on it to fry the “chicken.” I cooked both sides until each was golden brown.

Frying the dough. Photo by Angelica Melara.

When actually eating it, I was surprised that it actually tasted like chicken. It was crunchy like fried chicken, and the seasoning hid the idea that I was eating flour. I would recommend other people give it a try because it was not the worst thing in the world. 

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