The best items for any cat owner

By Carly Newton

Every cat is different, and it’s important to figure out what your cat does and does not like — this can apply to foods, toys, beds, etc. Most cats have varying degrees of personalities and interests, and as someone who has four cats, I can attest to this.

My cats have always loved water. It’s a basic essential need for them, and most cats probably like water, but mine are obsessed with it. I would put a bowl of water down, and within a couple of hours, it would be half-gone. They were drinking so much that I knew I needed to get something else for them. That’s when I discovered the water fountain for cats. 

At just $26.99, this fountain provides cats with constant access to fresh water. My 18-year-old cat loves this fountain, and as cats age, it’s important they stay hydrated. Your cats will love this once they realize how to use it. It took my cats a few hours to get used to it.

My cat Tom drinking from the fountain. Photo via Carly Newton.

Like most cats, all four of mine enjoy sleeping and being comfortable. I wanted to get them something that would match my bed-set while also being enjoyable for them. So, when I came across some cat beds that were pink, fuzzyand soft, I knew I had to get them. 

These cat beds were a great purchase. I bought three, and all of my cats love them. I got the large pink size which isn’t available anymore, but the next closest is the medium size. The beds are available in light grey, grey, pink and white. The medium-sized beds are $18.88 right now, and the small-sized beds are $17.88. 

Apple enjoying her pink, fluffy bed. Photo via Carly Newton.

Another popular item that cat owners should look into is a cat tree. I was hesitant to get one for a while because I wasn’t sure if my cats would actually use it or not. One of my cats likes to climb a lot so I got it for her thinking she would enjoy it but she didn’t. Luckily, one of my cats who is also a climber, took to it real quick. I’ve read that cats enjoy the height and if you think your cats would too, a cat tree is for you. 

I can’t find a link to the specific cat tree I bought for $100, but I got mine from Petsmart and they have many good choices to choose from for your cats that aren’t as expensive. 

Apple and Tom sitting on the perches of the cat tree. Photo via Carly Newton.

If any of your cats are older, I suggest buying some pet stairs for them. I got my stairs from Tjmaxx, but Chewy is a great site for all things pet-related as well. These stairs make it much easier for older cats to climb up on furniture or anything else. My cats love my bed, and a couple of years ago I realized my older cat was having a tough time getting up on my bed. So, I bought pet stairs for him to use and he loves them. The stairs have made his life easier and even my younger cats use them. 

Grape using the pet stairs. Photo via Carly Newton.

These are some items I believe every cat owner should get for their cats. Even though I consider my cats spoiled, I think these items have improved their quality of life. They’re definitely worth it for any cat owner who is looking to make their cat happier.

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