Unique Winter Workouts

It seems as if it was just yesterday that people were out and about enjoying balmy weather, sunshine and sandy beaches; but the grasp of winter is slowly enthralling us. With this incoming change of weather, mental health and depression occur at a higher frequency despite the winter months of December to March being labeled as the cheery Holiday Season.

This is due in part because the winter climate keeps families stranded inside and with often no way to exercise or socialize. There is a notable decrease in self-esteem and bodily upkeep.

However, this is far from the truth. Although the stereotypical workout routines of lifting dumbbells and cardio on treadmills have become stale and have deterred summer body hopefuls, there are a plethora of unique workouts that can be utilized for those who wish to keep themselves grounded. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

1. Resistance Bands

Looking for something simple and portable? Then these are most definitely for you. A box of resistance bands are available at most retail stores. Since they come in various resistances, you are allowed to have full control over your workout and are able to go at whatever pace you set for yourself. Longues, bicep curls, arm circles, sit-up and abdomen combos: the possibilities are truly endless and all of these exercises can be done in the comfort of your bedroom.

2. Stairs

Stairs are an everyday commodity, so why not use them to get some cardio in? With a little bit of creativity, you can utilize these to fulfill their cardio needs. Stair sprints, box jumping stairs and up-down sets (four stairs up, two stairs down) exercise the rear leg and calf muscles. These are all clever ways to use stairs to enhance your workouts and meet your cardio needs without relying on a machine.

3. Ice and Snow Sports

A lot of calories are often burned during sporting activities; the attention is so much more focused on the sport at hand that the individual forgets that these sports were workouts to begin with. Learn a sport and stick with it. There’s plenty of options: ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, curling and they are all affordable options that will be sure to leave one satisfied. 

Photo by Nathanaël Desmeules on Unsplash.

4. Pet Workouts

Walking your dog is exercise for both you and your adorable companion. However, were you aware that Doga  is a type of yoga that utilizes your pet’s weight and combines this into a workout that leaves the owner in better spirit and their pet content? Balance and coordination are key in order to keep the human body feeling rejuvenated and energized, and Doga is an excellent way to develop focus and concentration. 

5. Ninja Gyms

Ninja gyms offer obstacle courses, training classes and freerunning obstacles. These are based on the popular Japanese tournament “Sasuke,”which also has an American rendition titled “American Ninja Warrior.” These facilities are a unique way to exercise the upper body while having fun meeting new goals with the community. 

6. Compact Abdominal Roller

Ab rollers are an effective way to activate the abdominal muscles. A person will prop their body weight on the two adjacent bars and use their weight to roll until they are in their desired position (plank, downward dog, etc). These are extremely convenient and rather practical for everyday use.

7. Jump Rope

To some, jump roping may come off as a child’s pastime, but gyms use jump ropes as a serious part of athletic training. According to Men’s Journal, jumping rope has been proven to burn on average 250 calories in 15 minutes. Jumping rope also improves coordination and focus. Due to its portability and functionality, jumping rope can be and has been a key component to athletic workouts. 

Just because the temperature is dropping as the days pass does not mean you have to lose faith in achieving your ideal summer body! Using a variety of these workouts can provide a different element to your exercise regimen and allow for some recreation from the atypical workouts.

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