The handmaid’s tale review

                      The Handmaid’s Tale

Imagine living in a society where you are being treated like a property and your sole purpose in life is to bear children. You aren’t allowed to own property, have careers, handle money, read or keep your own name. 

The Handmaid’s Tale: Series Trailer (Hulu Original)

In this society, where the fertility rate is going down because of STIs and environmental factors, the government in Gilead decides there is only one way to fix this.

They use extreme religious viewpoints and new social class rules to create this society. In the eyes of the Gileadian law, women who were divorced, unmarried or single mothers, lesbians’, non-Christians, political dissidents and academic professionals had to become handmaids. 

The women are separated between different classes and show their differences with the color of their clothing. Red clothing is for handmaids, the wives wear teal, the Marthas who are the homemakers wear dark green, and the aunts who train and police the handmaids wear brown. 

When the handmaids are put into the homes of the elites as slaves, they have a ceremony every month, which is the handmaid being raped by the men of the house while the wife holds the handmaid doing chanting religious quotes. This will go on every month of the year until the handmaid falls pregnant. When the handmaid is done with her pregnancy she has to give the family the baby and she will have to do the routine all over again or go and serve another family. 

This show has scared many watchers because some see it as something that can become a reality. Reddit user Mary Truman said, “Until the Trump presidency ended, I couldn’t bring myself to watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” (in spite of being a huge fan of Elizabeth Moss).” Truman still decided to binge the first three seasons but when she felt like the “world went screwy again (lookin’ at you , Texas GOP),” she couldn’t watch the newest season without “Generalized sense of unease and art hitting too close to life.” 

With the recent news on Texas abortion law many watchers are making the connection to the show. Reddit user Lisa McCrory wrote,  “Look at what’s happening in Texas right now.”

What makes watchers love this show is how you’ll never know what is going to happen next and it keeps you on your toes. Watchers being on the edge of their seats with season four and being satisfied with how it turned out (I won’t spoil it for you, don’t worry). It’s definitely worth a watch. 

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