APN Podcast Episode One: Music

Episode one of APN Podcast hosted by Jason Smith.

Welcome to the inception of the All Points Now Podcast, hosted by Jason Smith, a sophomore at Plattsburgh State University pursuing a major in Writing Arts. 

The mission of the All Points Now (APN) Podcast is to bring to light modern issues concerning youth and provide a stage for all views to be presented and discussed in an open forum. Going forward, all episodes will be accompanied by guests, who bring their knowledge and expertise to the episode and provide APN with more of a “conversational” feel, rather than a host speaking to no avail. 

In this episode, we will be discussing whether the Grammy’s, arguably the world’s biggest musical celebration, are truly as rigged and unfair as public perception makes them out to be. Then we’ll discuss the ever changing faces of the music industry and how its evolution is at such a rapid pace; so much so that anything else, including the Grammys, cannot seem to keep up. 

I will also be describing my experiences from being in the studio and watching the songs I have written come to life. This experience also led to me wishing more kids shared my experiences, because as the years pass, the more evident it is that funding for performing arts in high schools and universities are rapidly dwindling.

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