The Office’s Best Cold Opens

The Office has one of the best cold openings in television history and I can argue with anyone about that. 

This show is about a paper company and its workers. It shows us how these staffers are working through a documentary style. It was originally based on the British version of The Office but the U.S version put their own spin on it. Cold openings are the way shows start off when they jump directly into the story in the beginning before the theme song or title sequence plays. Here are some of my favorites.

Fire Drill

This scene was just perfectly executed as it showed the personalities of all the characters and how they would act during a fire. I think my favorite character from this scene had to be Kevin when he punched the vending machine and when Angela threw her cat up the vents. I just love the pure chaos of this scene.

What Won’t Stanley Notice?

Stanley’s character reflects how he doesn’t want to work anymore and is simply waiting to retire. So, it makes sense that he doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on in the office because the only thing he notices is when it’s time to leave. It makes one wonder how many antics they can get away with until he notices.

Asian Jim

Now, if you have never watched “The Office” before, you know Jim loves to prank Dwight. But how far will Jim go? This has to be my favorite prank done on Dwight just because of the effort being put into making it. I think if it went on longer, Dwight would have truly gone mad.

Micheal’s Pyramid Scheme

This scene illustrated one of Michael’s main characteristics: gullibility. Also, I just love that he thought he was just helping everyone out onto a great opportunity but not knowing he was wrapped up in a pyramid scheme.

Best Intro Ever

This perfect cold open shows every character’s personality. From Angela saying she doesn’t want to be part of it to Ryan trying to shout out his own company and then Kelly and Ryan arguing, everything just works so well. My favorite part had to be Dwight going crazy with the knife; that to me is such a Dwight thing to do.

If you have never watched the show I hope I convinced you to at least start to watch it because it’s amazing. It’s kind of concerning how many times I’ve binged it. 

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