APN’s Which Fictional Universe Would You Live In?

What if we could actually live in the worlds of our favorite books and movies? It’s always interesting to entertain the what ifs. The APN staff has explored that thought and here are the universes we would love to live in if it were possible.

Nickie Hayes


A tour of the real life version of “The Wizarding World.”

My answer to this question will always be the same. If I were to try living in a fictional universe, I would hands down always choose to live in “The Wizarding World,” otherwise known as the universe of Harry Potter. Ever since I was little and saw the universe come to life in the movies, I always knew if I could, I would want to be a wizard or witch myself. The idea of learning spells, attending Hogwarts or some other school of witchcraft or wizardry, meeting the magical beasts and making potions just sounds absolutely surreal, and I want to be a part of it. Thankfully, because of Universal Studios, I have had the chance to somewhat live my fantasies in the Orlando theme park, but it is still just not enough. If I could live in “The Wizarding World,” it would honestly sort of feel like a childhood dream come true. Alas, I will just have to settle with the theme park, but if it were possible, that is the fictional universe I would live in. 

Kenzi Murphy

Staff Writer

A peak into the Marvel universe through “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

If I had to choose any fictional universe to live in, it would definitely be the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For the past couple years now, I’ve been obsessed with all of the Marvel movies, especially the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and Avengers movies. This universe is so uniquely connected and there’s always something exciting and interesting going on. I would quite literally do anything to experience what it would be like to travel through the Marvel universes.

Hayden Sadler

Staff Writer

The first movie of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and a glimpse of “Middle Earth.”

If I could live in any fictional universe I would live in “Middle Earth” from “Lord of the Rings.” The world is serene, and the people and cultures are all really thought out. The layers in this world make for a convincing and realistic background setting that would be fun to live in all while being different enough from the real world. Even if I’m not the main character in the story, the world would be exciting to explore both nature and the cultures.

Peculiar Joseph

Staff Writer

A picture showing love in the aspect of the LGBT Logo. Photo by Rosemary Ketchum from Pexels.

The fictional universe I would want to live in will definitely be one with complete love. I am saying love because I feel like all the issues we have on Earth are on the basis of a lack of love. This can be seen while looking at issues with racism, invasion, wars, to issues like inequality in various areas like gender, race and many more issues. I know most people will think that I will name this universe love, but because we all know that most situations or things named after what they should be portraying never actually portrays them. So the name of my universe which should be based on love will be “ Universe Mimi.” 

I  also want to bring to light that the little things matter most,  and those little things are what build up the new things. “Universe Mimi” would be a universe that would really illustrate how little expressions of love to another human will go a long way,and that practice will transfer to bigger issues. What I mean when I say little expressions of love is that it starts from anything that is not jealous, and has compassion, empathy, mercy and consideration toward others. Although, of course, you can still love in our present world too.

Michael Hlopko

Staff Writer

A deep dive into what the planet of Coruscant is like.

If I could live in a fictional universe, I would choose to live in the “Star Wars” universe. The level of detail and intriguing alien races in the “Star Wars” universe have always fascinated me, as well as the unique and varied planets with different interesting points of interest and culture. An example of this is the planet of Coruscant, a planet with its entirety covered by a city. I would find it very interesting to be able to live the daily life of someone in this universe with the rapidly changing politics throughout the span of the movies and shows.

Gabriel Abosi

Staff Writer

“The Flash” TV show.

A fictional universe I would live in is the DC universe. But more specifically, the city where the flash lives because, in that universe, The Flash and many others acquired their powers when a black particle accelerator exploded. This disaster  allowed people to gain powers which turned them into what they call metahumans. Some things to note: I would have to live in Central City or at least visit during the time of the explosion. Also, the way one’s unique individual powers are decided is up to what the person is doing in that very moment they hit the back particles. So, for instance, Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, was working with chemicals in his lab because he is a forensic scientist. A black particle wave crashed through the window of his lab, hitting him and all his chemicals which somehow gave him the power of super speed. So whatever I’m doing at the moment would determine my power. Though there’s a chance I don’t get anything and die, but I feel like I won’t, so I’m going to take the chance of living in the DC universe.

Melanie Lanzo

The novel series first movie rendition, “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.”

The fantasy series “Percy Jackson and the Olympianstakes place in a dystopian setting where the Greek gods are present. Author Rick Rordan uses his imagination to present an idea where the main character, Percy Jackson, is sent on a mission to prevent the Titans from destroying the world. 

The reason I would like to live in this universe is because of the wild imagination and freedom that is shown throughout the series. I have always loved Greek mythology, so to see it play out on screen and in books in a fun way is intriguing to me. While Percy is discovering himself, after finding out he is a demigod and the son of Poseidon, he goes into the world of Greek gods and meets others just like him at a training camp called Camp Half-blood. Imagine getting trained to protect a magical border to stop monsters? That seems pretty cool to me. In this camp, all young demigods are trained to take control of their powers and flexible bodies, while also discovering themselves and how to be a teenager with this secret. I’ve also always wanted powers, so I would find it entertaining to see how I would make the water from the ocean rise or how to pause the world for a quick second.  

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