I am Insightful

Being insightful basically means having the ability to think effectively. Most people think of being insightful as being educated and smart but that is not quite right. Even if being insightful has a proportional relationship with education, you cannot be insightful if you do spend most of your time thinking deeply and actually trying to judge a situation. 

This is a way to start being insightful. Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash.

I would say that people who do not see the world’s problems and do want to solve them do not really need to be too insightful. We are faced with different challenges, and we must communicate and interact with people everyday. The complexity of daily activities and interactions are what add up to be the common world problems such as wars, racism, genocide, murder and more. 

To be insightful, you not only need to judge or analyze a situation from the surface perspective, but you also need to ask yourself, why, how, and on what basis does a given issue stand. One cannot be fully insightful if they do not know what their values are. A person’s morals can be anything the person thinks is the right way to be done. A person’s principle can actually be that there are no really right ways to be done. 

One who wants to be insightful but does not have convictions is just like a government with no constitution or standards they could use to tackle and rule in different situations. For me, being insightful along with my principles comes from my background as a Christain. For the most part, it comes from the fact that I am Christain. I read the Bible often to learn different perspectives and to learn the act of thinking things through. 

To be insightful, one has to be a good listener and one who yearns for more knowledge. What I feel is important is that the most valuable conviction in being insightful is to love. When I put agape or love in all situations, I  have a sense of direction that is helpful when discerning if I want to do something. Learning to be more insightful enhances wisdom, builds a person’s character and approach to all types of situations. It may even help to encourage others.

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