How to Travel on a Budget

We all have our dream places to travel to but sometimes, travel can be a bit pricey. Seeing the big dollar sign on our ideal destinations can be frightening and can make us push off the trip all together. 

But, travel doesn’t have to be expensive. It can actually be cheaper than you think if you go about it the right way. The next time you start to plan your next trip, use these five travel tips to help you save some money while still enjoying your trip.

Stay In Hostels

Picture of King Kong Hostel in the Netherlands by Marcus Loke from

Although it may sound unluxurious to spend your nights in hostels throughout your trip, hotels and Airbnb’s can be a real money stealer. On average, hotels or Airbnb’s usually cost $100 per night; however, a hostel only costs around $10 to $30 per night, depending where you are. So, if you’re intending on saving money on your trip, staying in a hostel might be the way to go. You may even meet new people while staying in a hostel and make new friends.  

Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time

Picture of a watch by Jaelynn Castillo from

Planning your trip ahead of time can be crucial to saving money. A lot of the time, flights and hotels are cheaper when you book a couple months in advance. You can also do more research ahead of time on the area and find things that are free to do or only have a small fee. 

Travel With a Group

Picture of friends traveling in Italy by Clay Banks from

Traveling with a group can make your trip substantially cheaper. When booking your hotel, you can split the price within your group and, if there’s any activities that cost money, you can split that too. It’s honestly a win for win. You get to have your best friends there with you and save money all in one. 

Grocery Shop

Girl in a shopping cart by Karsten Winegeart from

Another easy way to save money on your trip is to grocery shop instead of going out to eat for every meal. Eating out for every meal can add up quickly and, although it can be a pain to cook your food when you’re on vacation, it’s one of the best ways to save money while trying new cuisine. 

Walk Places

Picture of a person walking on a bridge by Frank Busch from

Another main travel expense that adds up is transportation. One of the best ways to avoid paying for transportation is to walk if you can. It’s a great way to get some exercise abroad and you might get to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t see. Why pay for an Uber when you can walk and save some money?

Traveling doesn’t always mean expensive. If you love to travel but still want to save some cash, it’s really easy to do especially if you take these tips into consideration.

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