Recycling: Hollywood Style

Going green is great, except when it comes to entertainment.

Picture of a women holding a clapperboard. Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

Hollywood is so interested in making the green that reboots and sequels seem to be the new normal in movies and television as of late. When it comes down to entertaining the masses, where does Hollywood draw the line? Apparently, the entertainment industry does not have one, as this has been going on since our childhoods, particularly in Disney. 

Yes, Disney is well known for repeating certain hand-drawn characters. Take for instance, Baloo in “The Jungle Book,”1967. Well, slap some garments on him and change the color of his fur. Then you have Little John in “Robin Hood,” 1973. 

That’s not all, since the days of classic films of childhood and with the upgrade in technology, from hand-drawn characters to CGI films, the entertainment industry has continued to unleash things better left alone. The Toy Story franchise spanned 4 films, not including “Lightyear,” 2022. Plus, with all the live-action Disney remakes and sequels, it’s no wonder that the magic of movies has begun to lose its appeal. “Enchanted,” 2007 now has a sequel on the horizon, which is called “Disenchanted.” Why now, 15 years later? It’s safe to say that this is just poor taste.

At least the “Willow” series, which is due to premier in late November, seems to be more tastefully done, if the trailer is any indication. Especially with the original Willow, Warwick Davis, returning for the series. 

Disney aside, other genres, such as horror, are just making me sick and not due to the gore factor. “Firestarter,” 2022  starring Zac Efron, completely brushed over the original storyline and seemed to rush through the entire film plot. This is probably what caused it to rate only a mere 10% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Another film gone downhill was the latest slasher flick of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Folks, this latest monstrosity doesn’t even deserve to be called a slasher. Yes, it does have gore, but there was a reason it was released exclusively to Netflix. Rating a mere 31% on Rotten Tomato, there was practically nothing tying this hour and 21 minute piece of media to the franchise at all. 

Then there are the other gore movies such as “Hellraiser,” 2022 which has a female Pinhead and is a poor excuse compared to the original character and “Jeepers Creepers Reborn” which was released a week ago. As someone who has seen all of the Hellraiser Franchise and all three Jeepers Creepers films, these remakes seem to be a desperate attempt at raising the slashers from their metaphorical graves. The trailers were full of jump scares that left me sighing in disbelief at the poor CGI and were rushed in terms of timing. 

After watching both of these trailers, I think the only thing that needs to be recast is Hollywood itself: their scripts and their ideas are severely lacking. Certain movies should be considered classics and left alone for people of future generations to come across and enjoy in their own time, because the way Hollywood is burying us with all these remakes is wrong. They are drowning us in films that are more filth than they are treasure. 

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