Six Essential Shoes for the Modern Man

The word shoe is quite loosely defined. Although one might not think so, considering that it is in essence a foot covering meant to protect your sole. A simple purpose. What is not simple is the infinite depth of the category: shoes. Some shoes only cover the bottom of your feet, and some go up to your knees;  others can make you taller or even gradually change your entire posture. Some shoes even have wheels in them, essentially making your body a vehicle.

People approach this conundrum differently. Some, means allowing, choose to buy a lot of shoes, repeating the process of buying, wearing and forgetting in perpetuity. Others, who make up the majority, prefer to find a pair of shoes they like and hope they last. Finding that pair of shoes, which fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper and last, is like finding a needle in a haystack within a mountain of hay. 

Help is needed. What kind of shoes should I be wearing? In response, presented for your reading pleasure are the six types of shoes you need in your closet. Perhaps a modern man of some undefined aesthetic might stumble upon this list and in doing so, discover just what he has been missing from his wardrobe. 

A disclaimer for the eager reader: we will not delve into formal shoes. Those, on their own, are a separate and much more complicated discussion. 

White Sneaker

Picture of Nike Cortez Triple White. Photo by Munya Chimanye.

The white sneaker is a staple of any good closet. Its versatility and efficacy are only undermined by the frequency with which they need to be cleaned, and they might need a wee brush once a week. They will be easy to wear with any outfit, from jeans to shorts to chinos for a cleaner look. Bonus: if you get the Nike Cortez pictured above, you will always feel like you are back in the ‘90s.

Casual Sneaker

Picture of Converse Chuck Taylor 70 – custom. Photo  by Munya Chimanye.

This category is where you might choose to have some fun. A secondary sneaker that is not as easy to dirty as your white sneakers is an eclectic addition. Pictured above are none other than the Converse Chuck Taylors, a shoe that is as much a part of history as dinosaurs are right now. Channeling the swagger of vintage apparel will always help tying outfits together. The options are limitless as well. Whether you  prefer a pair of Jordans, 1s or 4s preferably, it’s up to you. 

Running Shoes

Pictured above are Nike React Infinity Run. Photo by Munya Chimanye.

A good-looking pair of walking/running shoes are extremely useful to have around. Independent of their original and function: exercise; these shoes will also prove useful for running errands and traveling through large airports as well.


Pictured above are Birkenstock Boston. Photo by Munya Chimanye.

After a long day at work or school, when you get home, the desire to remove your shoes and slip right into your slides is magnetic. Slides do not have to be just Nike Slides. Take for example the Birkenstock Boston clogs pictured above. They’re good for lounging around the house or can be dressed up for a more Bohemian aesthetic. 

Brown Boot

Pictured above are Clarks Beeswax Desert Boot. Photo by Munya Chimanye.

The antithesis to a woman’s black booties is a man’s brown boot. There are so many types of boots though. From cowboy boots to Chelsea boots, your style will define what boot looks best on you. Finding the right boot really comes down to a matter of trial and error. Pictured above are desert boots, not very warm but extremely rugged, so it is popular in Southern Africa.

Fancy Shoes

Pictured above are Dr. Marten Tassel Loafers. Photo by Munya Chimanye.

Keeping the earlier disclaimer, these are not formal shoes. These are fancy shoes. Pictured above is a pair of Dr. Marten tassel loafers, a perfect shoe for a night out on the town or a business casual lunch with workmates.

You have seen a guide of just what you should be looking for to complete your wardrobe, but it’s up to you to define your aesthetic. Let’s see what you choose to wear. 

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