Academic and Social Tips for College

A lot of students, especially first-year students, might not be fully equipped with what they need to have a successful social and academic life-balance in college. It is very important to have supporting institutions to help you and give you tips that might be of necessity to you as regards college life. For this reason, Meg Pearson, the Arts and Sciences Academic Dean at SUNY Plattsburgh offers these tips for academic success. 

Some of the points she raised are:

1) Going to office hours in order to seek extra help or clarification from a professor. Some students don’t even know that office hours are a set time for students to ask their professors questions. This is an opportunity that should be utilized by all students if they ever need help.  

2) Time management is another important point. Students, especially first-year students because they are not used to it. They feel like they have fewer classes and think other times are free when indeed, they are not really free. Students need to seek help if they feel like they are confused on what to do with their time. For example, they can go to the centers that can give extra help in time management planning. Students should try to form a habit of asking for help when they need it. They might not get the help right away or directly, but they might gain information on who can ideally help them.

There are a lot of people out there who can help you. You just need to ask for it. 
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

3)Try to explore different parts of the campus. It can be a building that is outside of your major or just somewhere you normally don’t go to. This will expose you to new ideas and opportunities.

4) Try to take risks. Risks are not always bad. Get out of your comfort zone. You can try things you are not good at or you don’t just see yourself doing- you never know if you will love it after. Don’t limit yourself.  

5) Finally, have a growth mindset. Don’t be afraid of failing-we learn when we try and that’s OK. The world will not end if you learn, just keep moving.

You didn’t think I would forget the social aspect, did you? 

I understand that the social aspect of college is very important as well in student overall success. James Sherman, the director of Campus Housing and Community living at SUNY Plattsburgh,  suggested some tips for balancing academics and social life. They are: 

1. Get familiar with your college and the resources available to you. 

2. Go to events and gatherings, get involved in your new community. 

3. Treat your day like a work day.  From 8 a.m.-5 p.m. you should go to class, do your homework, read etc.  When you’re not in class, do your homework or reading. Don’t wait till the evenings to do all your class work. 

4. Balance is an important part of life in general. College is no different. Make sure you are finding time to study, have fun, but also take care of yourself. 

Get familiar with your college and explore different people and opportunity. Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The most important aspect of this essay will probably be to seek information and ask for help. It will make you have more opportunity to what might help you thrive in both college and future career. 

Make time to study, it’s important for academic success. Everyone studies differently too.
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