A Day In a of Life Of An Influencer Trainer 

Ever wonder what the life of a trainer may look like? Do they have a life outside the gym? What’s so mysterious about an influencer’s life? Are they normal people or are they celebrities? 

Let’s kill our curiosity and find out what a day in a life looks like for an influencer who’s also a trainer.

Henry Frempong has been a gym trainer for five years, and he recently became an influencer three years ago. The take-off of his career started right before COVID hit in 2020. His hard work and dedication has made it worth it for him because it showed him that it was all starting to pay off.

Besides these two jobs, Frempong has a lot more under his belt. So how does he manage this all in a day? 

( Frempong posing in front of the camera with hand in his pocket. Photo from : Henry Frempong) 

Q: What does a day in your life consist of?

Frempong : I start my day at 5 a.m. If I have any orders that day for my gym brand, I will check orders and ship out the packages. Then I head over to the gym to train my three clients in the morning from 6-8 a.m. After that, I go to my 9-5 job. Aside from being a trainer, I also work at a hospital clinic. Usually on my break, I would post my content for the day on Instagram and Youtube. Then from 7-10 p.m., I go back to the gym to train my evening clients. Then from 10-11:30 p.m., I do my personal gym workouts plus record any content I would need. After a long day I would go home and do it all over again the next day.

Q:Do you have other jobs? If so, what are they?

Frempong : Yes, aside from being a trainer and influencer, I do photography and videography. I’m the CEO of my gym brand called gymtalk and I also work at a hospital clinic.

Q: How do you manage your time with working out, training clients and posting content?

Frempong  : Keeping a consistent schedule to manage my time.

( Frempong doing an exercise while being focused. Photo from : Henry Frempong)

Q: What’s your favorite thing about both jobs? (Trainer and influencer)

Herny : For being a trainer, I love being able to help people. I remember one time at SUNY Albany, before I started my club organization, I used to train by myself and people used to come to me and ask me to train them. Then the people I trained would start training other people,and it just became a chain of effects getting passed on.  

As for an Influencer, I like being able to share my ideas and my workouts and how I workout. Everyone’s workouts are different, so sharing my input can help anyone online and reach people from other places. Plus I like making fitness fun and I love posting my drill hiit workouts.

Q: How do you separate the job of an influencer to your own life – how do you disconnect?

Frempong : Honestly, when I’m in the gym I tend to zone out. That’s how I destress and remember I’m still a person. I even go to the track to run and let go of all the stress I have on myself. I always remind myself how I am as a person. 

Q: Describe how your week to week feels like to you

Frempong :  It’s busy, that’s why I like to take the weekend off to relax. There are three things I always do every day of the week though and that’s work hard, stay motivated and be consistent.   

Q:Do you run your page yourself ? Is it stressful – why ?

Frempong : Yes I do. It’s not too stressful but it’s stressful because you have to post everyday but I still love it.

Q: What does your gym content consist of like if you have a theme to it?

Frempong : My content is about working out but I don’t focus on your traditional workouts because I like to make it fun and enjoy my content/workouts. I also like to share my fitness process and what I do.

Q:What key advice do you give anyone within becoming a trainer, an influencer or both?

Frempong : It would be to keep working and keep posting. Your competition is always working so you should too, even if it’s either life or fitness. I’m a key believer of working hard and you’ll see it. Seeing my hard work pay off keeps me going.

( Henry Frempong standing proud in front of a waterfall with a npc northeast metal. Photo from Henry Frempong)

Being a trainer and an influencer is fun but you must know how to have great time management skills in order to balance both jobs.

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